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Sticking Point‘s of those at PU awhile and not getting success

mASF post by Cascade

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Sticking Point‘s of those at PU awhile and not getting success
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mASF post by "Cascade"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005


>Ok so by no means am I an
>expert on this stuff, but
>these are some thoughts I have
>been thinking about. Many guys
>have been in the community,
>read lots, studied lots of
>books and material, attended
>lair meetings and even gone
>out regularly without getting
>success with this area.

Great points in here dude, I think your advice is right on the money for the
guy described above.

>1. Be honest to yourself about
>the success you are getting
>and where your skill level is
>at. If you haven't gotten laid
>in years or are still a virgin
>don't perceive yourself to be
>a player when you are not.

Haa I swing both sides of the pendulum on this one. For a while (like if I've
had some good results in a row) I'll overestimate where I'm at and then I'll
swing to the other side and underestimate how good I am. You're right, it is
best to be detached emotionally from the results you get because if you don't
know where you are you won't know where to go, like Bishop said in that post in
general. I think it is better to see things detached and as they really are
(as much as you can), because even though you might get extra confidence from
deluding yourself into thinking you are better, you actually are not so it
won't give you much better results. Plus it is a bit like fake confidence and
if you get a string of bad results it goes away, not like solid confidence in
your skills where you know it for real.

>2. Be honest with yourself
>about the girls you want to
>attract. Do you dress in a way
>that will attract HB9's and
>10's? Maybe I need cooler
>clothes, better grooming, and
>hot haircut. Is your lifestyle
>attractive to these types of
>girls?? If sitting at home and
>watching TV all night is a lot
>of what you do or playing
>video games online is
>something you like to do, is
>this the kind of lifestyle you
>want to bring girls into. But
>maybe you want to find a girl
>that enjoys these things also

Yeah that's a good point too. Stopping in at home is to relax from real life
not the other way around. Play pool instead of video games, that's what I say.

>3. You need to find yourself
>attractive before anyone girl
>could find you attractive. If
>you are not satisfied with
>yourself and where you life is
>at how are other girls suppose
>to be satisfied with you, or
>be attracted to you. If you
>would not have sex with
>yourself how would you expect
>a girl to sleep with you.

I think most of these guys do have sex with themselves, that's the problem. :)

Understand your point and this is another one that comes and goes for me,
sometimes I'm wondering if she's worthy other times I'm thinking how can I make
her like me? I think it's good to be good at stuff, like if someone is like I
was where they are basically OK at a lot of stuff but not great at much, how
can they expect to become a master player after having failed at everything
else? If you want to win you need the winning mindset and that is a
personality thing not just a PU thing, it covers all areas. Get good at stuff
and be proud of yourself for things, that buids self-confidence. Then there's
the inner aspect where people don't acknowledge things that they actually are
good at, I think if most people sat and thought about it they could think of
heaps of stuff they are good at. Because if they don't know their strengths
they can't believe themselves to be attractive.

> Put
>yourself in the heels and
>position of an HB and think to
>yourself whether you with have
>sex with yourself.

I agree completely, cross-dressing is very important for inner game».

>4. Take a hard look at
>yourself how you are coming
>across to girls. Really step
>back from all your
>interactions and look at
>yourself through your minds
>eye to see what kind of image
>your are projecting through
>your words, your bodylanguage,
>your projection, frame
>control, etc, etc, etc. Social
>leaning was a big one for me
>that I had to and still do
>have to evaluate. Constantly
>be doing this to look at how
>you are coming across to girls
>and how you need to change.

This is the big one and it is related to what you say about being honest with
yourself. It's good to have a wing for this who will be honest and say what
people might not want to hear. But if you ignore stuff like this you will stay
the same. You have to be detached to do this, like the wing would be. Like if
you come across like a weirdo then to improve that you need to be able to admit
that without it bothering you emotionally.

Yeah this is a great post, I needed to be reminded about some of these points.
Lately I've been really lazy PU wise and not really using game as such, or
caring how I come across and stuff (going between extremes again). This is a
good attitude to an extent, unless you are coming across bad. :)

Cheers dude, good post. I hope many people here take this advice.

cas***[email protected]***[ ? ]

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