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Hot older HBs no wonder some of them are single!!

mASF post by esk6969

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Hot older HBs no wonder some of them are single!!
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mASF post by "esk6969"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

Well, when I read this, I was all set to make some pithy comments, but I can
see that enough pithy comments have already been made in this thread. So
instead, I'll offer a woman's perspective I heard on this:

There was this semi-milf'ish chick on the comedy channel, talking about this
very thing. Her routine was basically like, when girls are in their twenties,
they're all dancing around going "WOO HOO, everybody worship MEEEEE", and
everybody does, and then when they turn 30, they're all still dancing (and
she's actually dancing as she does this), and she turns around and is like
"where'd everybody go!?"

Then she talked about those "great guys" who they all knew and met and treated
like shit when they were 25, and now he's gone on and married, and they're like
"What was I THINKING?!, he was TOO NICE?!" Then, she says to the women in the
audience, "Ladies, if you're dating a guy who is TOO NICE, trust me, after he's
been in a relationship with you for a while, he is going to "normal out" (her
exact phrase), but if you pass them by, then you're going to wind up with the
"jerks" you liked when you were young, permanently..."

It was a pretty funny, and very insightful routine, as some standup comedy is.
I really loved her phrase too, "normal out", because that's an excellent
description of what every man will eventually do in a LTR. If they get into
LTR with a hot chick, she'll come to seem only average, and if they get into
LTR with an average chick, they'll come to see her eventually as below average.
Add in daily pressures, lower amounts of sex, and BAM! Super-high cheating and
divorce rates.

Think about it like this, most chicks live to be longer than men, to like 80 or
so at least. But, they really only have this sexual power for about one decade,
their twenties. Some retain it in their thirties, and by their forties, it's
gone for all but a few.

When looked at like that, it's a relatively short period of time they get to
experience this power, and when they do, they abuse it. It just seems
disproportionately higher to a community like this, because that's the primary
demographic we are focused on. But, that fact that what comes around, goes
around is inevitable, and that's just what you're seeing happen with these
chicks as they realize it, nothing more. Meanwhile, as men get older, they are
credited with "sophistication", "experience", "worldliness" and "character".
Call it the revenge of the AFC's.

"Get your validation from your life, not your women." - L&C

"Girls network" is like the Mafia with the difference that they use the tongue
instead of Beretta. - Franco

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