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Don‘t Get Discouraged

mASF post by rocker44

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Don‘t Get Discouraged
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mASF post by "rocker44"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/7/05 8:07:00 PM, ajhorst wrote:
>On 8/7/05 5:00:00 AM, napkin wrote:
>>This was not easy. In my 18
>>months of sarging, I've had
>>- Open 1300 sets
>Wow, I mean WOW. It seems like you were
>more concerned with actually being able
>to walk up to females and start a
>conversation than actually advancing. I
>believe that ANYONE can walk up to 1300
>sets and simply say, “You wanna fuck,”
>with terrible voice tone and bl, and
>still get laid a couple of times. You
>spent way too much energy working on the
>approach…now you need to work on the
>next levels of the game.

I used to think that too, but I met up with a ton of guys from PAIR, lair
meetings and a DYD seminar and it changed my mind. Theres a lot of guys in this
community with crippling limiting beliefs. They are WBAFC and they can't even
start playing the game for real until they get to that RAFC/GPUA level. Either
that or they're already cool guys and the whole community just confuses the
shit out of them. Add in the fact that napkin has a language barrier and his
results don't surprise me, they're pretty typical of what I see.

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