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Re: Double Lay Report: Pre-partly that lasted all night.

mASF post by slurride

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Re: Double Lay Report: Pre-partly that lasted all night.
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mASF post by "slurride"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

ajhorst wrote:
> Double LR: Pre-partly that lasted all night.
> Yesterday, at about 6pm, my roommates and I decide to go out to 6th street. I
> figured that it would be a good time to call some of the girls I met from the
> party in my previous lr. So, I call the first new name I see when scrolling
> through phone. She’s about an 8, and seemed like a big party girl.
> Hbparty: Whats up AyyyyyyyJayyyyy
> Me: Just hangn’ out right now, what are you doing tonight?
> Hbparty: A group of us girls are going out to 6th
> Me: Great, so are my roommates and I. You guys should stop by for a
> Are your friends hot?
> Hbparty: Oh ya, but there’s 5 of us, and we’d need a ride…we’re right near
> campus.
> Me: Oh well, nevermind (this wasn’t a technique; I really didn’t feel like
> picking them up)
> Hbparty: You mean you won’t pick us up
> Me: So there’s 5 of you, and none of you have a fucking car…you guys can
> yourselves, and you know it.
> Hbparty: Hold on…
> I then hear her talking in the background with her friends, and then she asks
> where I live. I tell her, hear more talking, and then she asks what time they
> should show up. I let them know to show up at 9 and then hang up the phone. I
> decided not to invite any of the other new girls I met, since there would
> already be close to a 2-1 ratio.
> When the girls arrived, I was a little disappointed. She brought one average
> white girl, a fat Mexican fug, one ugly Asian girl, and another hot Asian
> Shortly after they arrived, I said to Hbparty, “I thought you said your
> were hot, that one Asian girl is cute, but the others are at best average.”
> had a shocked look on her face, and I followed with, “Frankly, I could care
> less…I’m just looking out for my roommates. Your girls at least know how to
> PARTY, right.” She then went on about how crazy her and her friends are.
> We were all drinking heavily. What did us over were these shots with ¾
> amaretto, and ¼ Bacardi 151. We would light them on fire and drink them
> a straw. It was a typical pre-party. We were just getting fucked up while
> talking about random shit with loud music in the background. Eventually, I
> out a deck of cards to play the drinking game Kings. Basically, you take all
> the face cards out of the deck and assign different actions to the different
> cards that someone draws. I’m sure you can DAFS on drinking games if you
> know what I’m talking about.
> On top of the regular game, I added some of my own rules. I kept all of the
> and 10s in the deck, and had them be “strip cards.” Every time someone drew a
> or 10, they had to take off an article of clothing (accessories don’t count,
> and if something is part of a pair, you must take both off). The girls were
> first reluctant to play with the “strip cards.” I then went on about how they
> “have the advantage” because women tend to have on more articles of clothing.
> also turned to Hbparty and said, “I thought you said you girls know how to
> party…that now makes two lies.” Hbparty then turns to her friends and
> them to play. Both the Asian girls went out on our balcony by themselves.
> What I was doing while playing the game was obnoxiously obvious. I was
> at all the cards, and handed whichever card I wanted to everyone. For some
> reason, though, no one called me out. I actually gave the first strip card to
> my roommate, and he played along acting like he didn’t want to take anything
> off. The girls took the bait, and kept harassing him to strip. At the start,
> gave him more strip cards than anyone else…acting surprised the whole time.
> After I gave out the card to my roommate forcing him to take off his shirt, I
> said, “You know, maybe we should quit…this isn’t going like I expected. My
> roommates and I are going to end up being butt-ass naked while you girls sit
> fully clothed watching the show.” They were just laughing and woowing (I
> that is a word).
> After my roommate had his shirt off, I turned the tables on the girls and
> started rapidly giving them strip cards. It was funny, because I didn’t give
> any of the strip cards out to the fat Mexican…only to Hbparty and the average
> white girl. I got Hbparty down to only her panties, and the average white
> down to her bra. Shortly after Hbparty was down to her panties, I heard her
> phone ring in the pocket of her pants. I look at the name, and think it’s a
> girl…
> Me: I’m answering your phone
> Hbparty: Allright
> Me: Hello
> Dude on the other end: WHERE’S HBPARTY
> Me: She’s busy
> Dude on the other end: I’M HER BOYFRIEND!!!
> Me: Congratulations
> Dude on the other end: GIVE HER THE PHONE!!!
> Me: I told you, she’s busy. (hang up the phone)
> Me: That was you boyfriend.
> Hbparty: OMG, what did he say?!?
> Me: Nothing, only that he is your boyfriend…He sounded angry, so I hung up. I
> don’t like to be around negative energy.
> The phone rings again, and it is obviously the bf. She turns the phone off.
> Me: (Looking directly at her boobs) Wow, I wish I could have a girlfriend
> like you.
> Hbparty: (laughing) shut up.
> The two Asian girls then walked in. When the hot Asian walked next to where I
> was sitting, I jump up, grab her by the waist, and sit her on my lap.
> Hbasian: Wow, you’re aggressive
> Me: …and you love it.
> She was tense right as I sat her on my lap; but about 5 seconds later, she
> relaxed. While everything was going on, I was doing the “feather touch” up
> arm. Hbasian and I never really talked to each other. I would be talking to
> everyone else while stroking her arm or leg. Eventually, she turned her head
> and looked me in the eyes. I went in like I was going to kiss her, and just
> gently bit her bottom lip pulling it out a little. Just after I did this, she
> bit her own bottom lip while I turned her head away from me with my hand. 10
> minutes later, I turned her head back around towards me with my hand and
> started making out with her. Remember, we were on the couch in front of
> everyone. After about ten minutes of making out, I stood up and went to go
> to my roommate.
> Roomate: Holy shit, how did you end up making out with Hbasian…she hasn’t
> a word to us.
> Me: I really don’t know, I’m pretty fucking hammered…I think all I did was
> her.
> Roomate: Grab her!?!
> Me: Ya, as she walked by, I just grabbed her and planted her right on the
> dizzle.
> Roomate: So, are you going to fuck her?
> Me: Hell, I don’t know…Maybe. I’ve never been with an Asian.
> Roomate: Go for it, she looks ready.
> Right after the conversation, I walk over to Hbasian and grab her hand
> her to my room. I shut the door and we start making out on my bed. We were
> humping hard core. She must really love to dry hump, because we did it in
> about every position…even doggy style. While we were dry humping doggy style,
> was thinking, “What the fuck am I doing…time to make some progress.” I then
> take her shirt off, and have a little trouble with her bra (remember, I was
> drunk as a skunk). When it didn’t come off after the second try with one
> I just grabbed and ripped. It got the job done.
> Her boobs were actually nice and big. It actually surprised me. I’m used to
> white girls wearing bras with under wire and padding making their boobs look
> bigger than normal…leading to an un-pleasant surprise. This girl wore a bra
> that made her boobs look smaller, leading to a pleasantly surprised AJ.
> After both our shirts were off, though, she started putting on the ASD. She
> said, “We shouldn’t be doing this,” and, “we can’t,” at least 5 times. I just
> pretended like I didn’t hear her every time. At one point during our
> bare-chested dry humping, I ended up drunkenly rolling ourselves off the bed
> onto the floor. Both of us were laughing, and I jokingly blamed it on her.
> “Damn, that was terrible…I’m going to the living room.” Both of us put our
> shirts on, and join everyone else in the living room.
> When I opened my door, I saw my roommate making out with the fat Mexican. I
> thought it was hilarious, and sat down on the couch next to them. We hung out
> in the living room for about 15 more minutes, and then I lead her back to my
> room.
> We started making out again, and I quickly got our shirts off. Eventually, I
> stuck my hand down her pants and started fingering her. She seemed to be
> enjoying herself, so I took off her pants allowing for easier access. She
> stopped me from pulling down her panties. I continued fingering her, and
> took off my pants to where she was now only in her panties and I was only in
> boxers.
> After another ASD, I got tired of trying. I stopped fingering her and said,
> “Fine, I’m going to bed,” rolled off, and shut my eyes. She tried to continue
> making out with me, but at this point, I really wanted to get to bed. After
> about a minute, she gave up and did the sleeping while cuddling thing
> spider-monkey style.
> About 10 minutes later, I woke up thinking, “You know what, this is bullshit,
> I’m better than this,” and started kissing her passionately. She started
> getting into it. This time, when I attempted to take off the panties, she let
> me. HUUUUUUGEE bush, btw. After I took off her panties, I shed my boxers. Now
> we were both naked, so I got up to get a condom. I just opened the package in
> front of her, rolled it on, and did all the things to her that she did to me
> while we were dry-humping.
> The next morning, I woke up to the sound of my roommates and the girls
> in the living room. I then looked at the clock and realized I was late
> one of my friends up from the airport. I was hung over and feeling pretty
> shitty. I got hbasian’s # and told the girls last night was fun and said “you
> guys probably won’t be here when I get back, so I’ll see you later.” In other
> words, I was hinting at them to leave shortly after me.
> When I got back, I noticed they were still in my apartment. However, they
> cooking breakfast and made me coffee, so I wasn’t too upset. I still hadn’t
> taken a shower, so I went into my bathroom to wash myself off. When I came
> of the restroom with a towel wrapped around me, I noticed Hbparty lying on my
> bed talking on the phone.
> Me: You know, I don’t always walk out of the shower with a towel wrapped
> me.
> Hbparty: Hey, I have to go (hangs up the phone)
> Hbparty: AJ, I need a hug. (Walks up to me and wraps her hands around my neck
> while I hold her around the waist…we never broke eye contact)
> Me: You’re being needy
> Hbparty: So did you have sex with hbasian last night?
> Me: Haven’t you talked to her since I left?
> Hbparty: So did you?
> Me: Ask Hbasian.
> Hbparty: You know that you would only be the second guy she has had sex with,
> her and her boyfriend just broke up…(voice gets softer)three…(softer)weeks…
> We then start making out. We never broke eye contact since I walked out of
> bathroom. About 5 seconds into it, I take my right hand from around her waist
> and drop the towel down to my ankles. As soon as the towel hit the floor, she
> started playing with my cock. When it was hard, she lead me to the bed, sat
> down, took off her pants and underwear, and started riding me. No condom.
> The sex was actually amazing. We never changed positions or made any noise.
> shirt was still on, and we were looking into each other’s eyes the whole
> All you could hear were light gasps and talking in the living room…you could
> even hear Hbasian’s voice. My door was also unlocked. There was definitely a
> feeling of danger while we were doing it. She came in a little over 15
> and finished me off with a blowjob. We didn’t say anything as she was putting
> her pants on and I was putting on some cloths.
> When we came into the living room, we acted like nothing happened. Hbasian
> didn’t have a clue. As soon as I sat down, she sat on my lap. Hbparty didn’t
> even flinch…I guess that will be our little moment that no-one else will know
> about. Well, except for the entire asf community.
> -AJ

Awesome LR. I love the, "Fine I'm going to bed." I've gotta start
using that. So you turn over, and pretend to go to sleep then a few
minutes later, turn back around and start making out again? Is there
anything else to it?

Keep up the LRs, they are full of great content and are much appreciated.

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