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Field Report+: 2 kiss closes in a club and status report

mASF post by Santiago

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Field Report+: 2 kiss closes in a club and status report
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mASF post by "Santiago"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Last night I went to a club with my buddy who's a natural and has been my role
model for the past 2 years. He is a perfect example of the term 'metrosexual',
very good-looking (he's a model), a great dancer, and generally very cool and
I remember the early months of 2004 when we regularly went to a dance bar in
the city together and how I was extremely jealous of him because he seemed to
have no problem approaching and attracting girls. That's why I often saw him
making out with girls I found really attractive while I was still waiting for
my first kiss ever (this was about one and a half years ago when I was 20 years
old and didn't know about mASF and the whole community). I was so jealous that
I even hated my buddy and talked badly about him behind his back which I really
regret now.

#set 1# Anyway, because he studies in another city now, last night was the
first time after almost a year that we went out together. After 15 minutes of
getting used to the location and dancing a bit, I told him I wanted to "meet
new people" and approached a sitting 3 set (2 girls, 1 guy). The girl on my
right was into me after a couple of minutes of vibing but I decided not to make
out with her and ejected instead because I didn't want to screw my chances to
make out with a hotter girl by clinging to her. She had really nice titties
though... damn *g*

#set 2# Some time later, I'm sitting at a bar with my buddy when he walks off
for a minute to get a cigarette from a girl sitting at the other end of the
bar. Meanwhile, I notice two girls right next to me. One of them, the blonde
girl, is quite what I like. Not only because she is blonde, but I also found
her face cute. Not to mention her voluptuous body - I don't like skinny girls.
I asked them what they were drinking, told them how funny it is to watch all
the strange people walking around in the club, told 'my' girl that her earlobes
must be really suffering because of her giant earrings, and other stuff like
that. I didn't see a lot of IOIs and thought I wasn't getting anywhere with the
set. The fact that my buddy joined me didn't change that because he wasn't
contributing much. After about 10 minutes we eject and in the rest room he
tells me that I "come across as really confident". I registered that comment
with silent joy because it indicates that I changed notably during the last

#set 3# After leaving the rest room, we go back to the main hall and dance at
the side of the dance floor. Only a couple of seconds later a blonde girl
approaches me and tells me that she saw me in the city that afternoon. I talk
to her for two or three minutes and she is right there to be taken but I decide
to eject because her face wasn't pretty.
Anywayyyyyyy, 10 minutes later I walk by her again by accident and she smiles
at me. Some weird psycho-sexual powers make me talk to her again and that's
where the tragedy begins. She offers me her drink and takes off her blazer to
reveal her top. Not only that but she starts to dance like a stripper and rubs
her butt at my crotch. Three minutes later I'm nibbling on her
It's obvious that it's only a meaningless make-out and that's why I soon find
myself in the rest room again. My buddy follows me and screams "how could you?"
at me, obviously shocked that I really made out her. But I could and was
aroused ;)

#set 2 again# Some time later, I see my buddy talking to the blonde girl with
the voluptuous body from the 2 set that I approached earlier. They were sitting
at the same bar where I opened her and the other girl who turned out to be her
cousin. I thought they would start kissing every second and went back to the
main hall. Five minutes later a girl approaches me. It's her. I told her I
thought she was "taking care of my buddy" and accused her of letting him all
alone in a playful way. I still don't know if she's genuinely attracted to my
because she didn't show a lot of IOIs when I talked to her and her cousin
before. Furthermore, I don't know what to say and that's why I lead her to the
dance floor.
There, the way she dances reveals that the IS attracted My buddy happens to
dance next to us and is obviously surprised that she likes me. We dance for
fifteen minutes and then I tell her that her cousin obviously wants to go home
now and that she shouldn't let her wait. I say "you can give me your number"
and kissed her.

After that, my buddy tells me he wants to go home now and seems a bit annoyed.
I don't think he was jealous but it's likely that he didn't like the idea of
not being two levels above me anymore.
I can FEEL that he's within my reach now even though he was like a god to me
for a long time.
It's like a dream and step-by-step I realize that I can achieve almost anything
I set my mind to.

Regarding my style: I dropped routines altogether two weeks ago and try now to
develop my own completely natural highly congruent game style. I feel much
better now that I don't have thoughts like "which routine should I deliver now
in order to transition from M2F to F2M?" When the year started I was an RAFC
and now I'm a GPUA. Maybe, with a lot of dedicated work, I'll reach the PUA
level in 6 months. Even if it takes 18 months I don't have a problem with that
because my life has never been better than now and I can say that I'm happy
with my life.
On the other hand I have still a few inner game» problems to face. Limiting
beliefs and the remains of my social phobia will present challenges in the next
months. Furthermore I have to find out what kind of a man I want to be and then
become this man.

Greetings to Badboy, Cortez, Magnus, Brainfreez, Keith, Ritchie, Saad,
Razorjack, Flin, and Andrew!

I hope I have the chance to meet up with you again in the near future.

P.S. How to make out with a girl in a club and then eject to meet other girls
without creating bad feelings in the girl you made out with?

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