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Big Muscles DHV effect on HBs

mASF post by Prime Alpha

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Big Muscles DHV effect on HBs
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mASF post by "Prime Alpha"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

On 8/5/05 2:02:00 AM, TheGame» wrote:
>If you really believe that
>muscles make a big difference
>in a girl's attraction
>then look at the very top PUAs
>in the community. With all
>due respect to guys
>like Style, Mystery, TD, etc.,
>they're the polar OPPOSITE of
>the 'muscular-athletic' guy.

This proves nothing.

Some people smoke and live a long time. Some people that lead a healthy
lifestyle die young of a heart attack.

The problem with the last sentence is; People must be compared to themselves.

YOU will live longer if you lead a healthy lifestyle, as compared to YOURSELF

Style, Mystery, and TD would do even better than they do now, had they built an
aesthetically pleasing body.

For some of them, that means laying 100 HB10's a week which is better than the
50 HB10's a week they lay now.

Still better tho.

>It's because of the aura of
>supreme confidence I
>was giving off. That's it.

Consensus has it that nobody knows whats going on inside your head. We don't
deal in telepathy on the forums.

Only two things are visible from afar, pre-approach: Your body language and
your body.

Confidence is very important, but people work via their senses. A girl does not
pick up on your confidence in any other way but via her sight and hearing. I
guess Kino would incorporate the touch. Taste comes later :-) As for smell...
any claims of pheromones operating via the nasal organ are speculative at best,
we can leave this out for now.

If anything, a better body would HELP you look more confident - not the other
way around!

>I agree that pumping iron is
>one of the best things you can
>do for your game...

True, and it does indeed increase confidence.

>...I do it too, I'm just stating
>that girls' attraction to it
>are not because of
>outward physical appearance.

I will respectfully disagree with you on that.

You are going against basic biological wisdom.

Are you also implying that it is not the boobs that girls have, but the
confidence those boobs portray, that attracts you ?

Ok, sorry, breasts. Just being a little sarcastic to make a point.

Your body DOES have an effect on the girl. In fact - this effect is very primal
and basic.

All the top gurus would do well to spend the mere 3 hours it takes in the gym
per week to gain this primal advantage.

Top guru PUA's - they are masters of getting the girls attention... after they
approach her.

Me, I got solid game, yes. But there's one thing I have that even many gurus
don't... I get girls' attention BEFORE approaching them!

>It's the effect on your inner
>game that counts.

Indeed; However, it is important to understand that inner game» effects
seduction insofar as it effects your ACTIONS and what you RADIATE - i.e, things
the girl can SEE and HEAR - pick up with her SENSES. Remember - we don't deal
with telepathy on the forums.

You are right that inner game» is key, and you are right that building a body
helps, however, IMO and IME you are mixing between the two in a wrong way.
Bottom line is, a good body DOES have an effect PER SE on the girl - just as
her breasts have a VERY good effect on you!

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