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Lay Report pt 3: Montreal: Taking 2 from Tam-Tams

mASF post by kitkatman

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Lay Report pt 3: Montreal: Taking 2 from Tam-Tams
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mASF post by "kitkatman"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

>I’m more like, “Notice how
>good it feels when I do
>this…now imagine feeling that
>intensity ten times as strong,
>ten times as powerful…okay now
>I want you to do this…”
>Leading her into territory she
>might not have every

>but in the end she
>described it as the most
>amazing and “transforming”
>experience of her life. are even better than what I had assumed. Many guys fuck (don't ask
girls "is this good?" and fuck'em good) but your teaching aspect is
amazing...and the communication part of it! I mean i've taught girls about
their bodies before but without talking about it...this may belong in the sex
section but do you have anything to recommend as far as things to do during sex
and/or really advanced things about women's bodies excluding the pussy area?
(like any really advanced stuff)

>I frame our interaction in such a way that
>there is absolutely no reason
>or way I could use or hurt
>her. Her heart can’t be
>broken unless she has an
>expectation that I don’t
>share. I explicitly make it
>known that I cannot offer any
>sense of permanence or future.

ok, i got a question for you - you can take it as a devil's advocate if you
Fine, so you framed it right, you are fuckin amazing. ok. but they keep calling
you now to get together while you're still in montreal. This is a result of
their expectation, so you're right, it's their fault, ok.
1) did you tell them that this is going to last 1 night only, or do you tell
them it's going to last as long as you are in montreal only? [because you are
here for more than 1 night]
2) if the answer to the above is "as long as in montreal", i'd like to see how
many of these girls send you emails after you leave begging you to somehow
return and make love to them again. I suspect that many will, and if they do,
does it not mean you may have hurt them? Because...You are good enough in
psychology to know that girls cannot control these types of feelings most of
the time. girls are extremely emotionally sensitive, and you are playing with
these emotions. I mean i've had girls tell me they love me just because i
showed them what can be done with their bodies and told them they are beautiful
in many ways and "it would be nice to be on an island with you, forever just
making love, instead of going to work tomoroow" type of thing.
I think I played with their feelings. [if I keep on talking like this i'll get
cast out of this community]

>Alpha Romeo—where should I be?
>I’m in love with Montreal,
>what can I say? I’m down to
>my last three or four days

stay...please stay, oui oui! i think i want you to stay more than all the girls
combined. the way you push me into sets is so ... :( snif..snif.. [crying of
Seriously man today i went out for like 3 hours and I just couldn't open most
girls i saw... i need to find myself a supportive "wing" or just get really
positive and confident and crash and learn.

>I assume that being in my
>presence is going to allow her
>to become attracted.

what does that mean? isnt this a circular argument?

>I take everything as an IOI.

and you do it like a magician. how is it logically possible to take
*everything* as an IOI, i don't know, but you are a positive person and that's
your power. most of us should be working on ourselves, not on the girls.

>I keep talking. I ask her playful
>qualifying questions and make
>statements that allow her to
>picture us doing fun things

1)other than "we should do x" or if "if we were to do x" or "you know when you
and a guy do x" are there other ways to create this?
2)I know sometimes I also keep talking and i ask myself if maybe i'm not being
congruent anymore. I.e. Are they quiet of out amazment or boredom? is the
solution to simply assume amazement and keep talking???

>They all three were heavy on
>building sexual rapport, but
>in uniquely calibrated ways.

my english lacks here: what does "being heavy on x" mean?

>The keys to each were
>different. The first girl
>needed lots of powerful and
>authoritative sensual talk and
>all the persistence a man can
>muster. The second girl, it
>was important to qualify and
>test her sensuality and energy
>level and to get her chasing
>me. The third girl had real
>issues and needed reframing
>and reassurance beyond belief.

is it just experience that lets you assess these things and calibrate or is
there more?

>I am 100% sure of what I can
>give and take. And it is
>MUTUAL. It is win-win. That
>is what I am becoming more
>congruent at explaining AND
>expecting. Mutual respect,
>mutual honesty, mutual
>adoration, mutual sensuality,
>and to just together share the
>moment and the magic within

ok, concrete examples would reallly help. your LR's mention where you went,
what you did, standrad game stuff like negging,C&F, DHV, playing girls off each
other, basic seduction stuff, and then towards the end the whole "i offer you
my respect, adoration, you are like a butterfly" stuff, are we missing a
middle-stage where you convey all these things with more than 1-2-3 sentences
in subtle ways?

>Don’t be envious. My
>health is a wreck. I have no
>normal eating or sleeping
>patterns. I have no money. I
>am burning savings as slowly
>as possible.
>I am homeless. I’ll leave you
>on that note…..

when i build my own hotel (and one day i will :)) with the best room service in
montreal, limo service downstairs and our own in-house doctors, you will be
handed a key for a lifetime, fully furnished top-notch quality suite with the
view on the city occupying an entire floor. All windows on all the walls,
respectivly overlooking st-cathrine, st-laurent, tam-tam park, and the wal-mart
parking lot. From there you will have a dedicatd elevator to take you right
down to either Shed Cafe, the water fountain where you saw HBFountain, the spot
in the tam-tam park in front of the pedestrian crossing and the "big orange
Then you'll be able to get your chicks right up to the hotel with world-class
discretion, and a virtual phone number in your room will assure than none of
them can call back and beg you for more when you don't feel like it :)

Oh ya, and vodka on ice.


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