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Field Report-Short “GoneSavage Lay Report opener”

mASF post by Papi_Chulo

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Field Report-Short “GoneSavage Lay Report opener”
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mASF post by "Papi_Chulo"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

This really ought to go to the Techique Section. I did my first ever
"GoneSavage LR Opionion opener". GS, forgive me, I couldn't help it. As I was
sitting outside Panera Bread in Holland, Michigan, sipping my ice tea and
enjoying the art that was GS's mind-blowing LRs on my laptop, spending my last
night in Holland, there were a 3-set of HBs happily chatting away, you know the
deep sharing stuff among chicks about family, relationships and shit like that.
They know how to spend a nice summer evening.

I thought about opening them, but I am enjoying reading GS's LR little too much
to get my lazy ass off my chair(ironic, I know). Then I had the urge to take a
dump. I got up to go, then I had an idea.

I walked over to the 3-set. "Excuse moi, I need to use the bath room, can you
keep an eye on my laptop"

They stoped in mid of their conversation to give me the affirmative.

"Wait, I got a better idea"

I move back to my table, picked up my laptop, walked over the 3-set.

"Here, this is something my friend send to me, I would like you to read it
while I am gone and tell me what you think.."

I made sure to hide the address bar and such so they would only see the LR
(tam-tam part II).

Their interest peaked, now all gathering around the laptop. I leave to use the

After I properly took my time to cleanse my bowels, I came back to their table.

"Well, what do you think of it?" I asked as I pulled up a chair to sit down. I
loving poping my ass down in chair, oh so comfy.

"What is it ...blah, blah...."
They want to know if it's a work of fiction in progress, something truly
happend etc...

I told them that it's indeed a true story and it happened to a friend of mine,
and I would like to get their opionion on it.

I share a little about what I know, met this amazing dude at the seminar, his
cross continental trip, his firm conviction in what he believes in....

In turns out they study relationship and family and such... they even think I
heard I overheard them talking etc.....

I talk about what I find impressive about GoneSavage. His wholeheardness, his
sincerety... I am sharing my true feelings (Damn, Papi has gone sappy)

Massive amount of IOI from the women. They want to know if I am talking about
myself, I assure them no and kept talking about the seminar, what I know about
the community etc. They are very interested. I made them guess where I come
from. They want to know more about me WTF is this 21 questions?

But more I talk, the more they are interested in finding out about me rather
than my topic. At this point, I actually just want to have an honest and open
conversation about men-women dynamic etc. But these girls wants to know my
background, where I am from, what I do. Damn, can I have an nice normal
conversation, people. I really just want to talk and share, girls! Actually,
come to think of it,I rather find my own voice quite soothing and sexy and easy
to listen to.

The cutest blonde had a tranced out look on her face, each time I check on her.
The middle one keep asking me why, why, why. Another one is quiet,more the
follower in the group. I see who my obstacle is now. But, really I just want to
talk girls, at least hear myself talk okay!

I bust on the middle one for being anayltical and joking if I ever in need of a
private eye, I would hire her. The Blonde just looked at me DDB.

Did I mention I just wanted to talk. But damn, these girls are only interested
in giving me IOI or shit-test. I tell them, I am feeling like I am being
interviewed and they are like the girls from the view.

Some light C&F mixed with genuine, sincere talk about why I find GoneSavage an
incredible sexy beast.

Too much dwelling on this topic of community, their opionion on the story,
though, despite their repeated attempt to find out more about me. Their BF
gone down a bit. The CB is going all logical about why I choose to talk to them
in the first place. I was initially in a sharing, happy, sincere mood. But I am
tired to disarming their shit-test, at this point, I am just here to have a
normal conversation. They tell me this normally don't happend. What the fuck,
why the girls always assume they are being PUed.

I decide to show some righteous indignation. I fell silent and long-faced. They
must felt the awarkward silence and they get up to leave (It's being a hour
later, dark and 11 O'clock).

Lesson learned.

Too interested in the topic, shouldn't repeatedly go back to it. Just let the
convo flow.. as they were really intrigue by me and want to know more about me.
Perfect opportunity to DHV by doing something by way of saying let me show you
what I learned from the Seminar, GS style. And let them talk more about
themselves. But I was really interested in talking about it. If they don't,
FUCK'em, or rather DON'T FUCK'EM, their loss.

Weak Intent, after I opened them, I was just there to talk, I was more
interested in the topic than properly ran game. That's why they keep on fucking
question my motive for talking to them.

I should've demonstrate powerfully that I don't tolearate their interrogation
style shit and I don't need their approval, by getting up from their table and
move to my original table, by demonstrating that I can leave at any point of
interaction, I DON'T NEED EM. By just interrupting the flow of convo but still
remain there is WEAK.

What I should've done in a proper PU frame is do qualify them then give them
bit of validation. It doens't have to be hard push/pull qualifying the shit out
of them. It's as simple and gentle as "When I heard you guys talking, I thought
you guys had a nice group dynamic and you are truly interested in sharing your
thoughts about relationships etc". That way I am giving them little validation
why a cool ass world traveler would talk to them and setup the frame of the
convo thread. I have to face the fact, even if I find it frustrating sometimes,
no mere chick off the the street is good enough to have a nice conversation
with Papi Chulo unless I give her the chance to prove herself that she is truly
worthy of my attention.

But, just goes to show that opening is easy, you can open with anything.
Although, I may keep this one, with your assent of course, GS :), you probably
didn't think your LR LITERALLY help guys to PU, didya?

I didn't realize it at the time, but the way I opened them is almost exactly
how we ran the Daytime pickup exercise during the pickup101» workshop, and it
opened beautifully. I must've accidentally internalized it,
Thanks, Lance!



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