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Lay Report pt 3: Montreal: Taking 2 from Tam-Tams

mASF post by Papi_Chulo

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Lay Report pt 3: Montreal: Taking 2 from Tam-Tams
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mASF post by "Papi_Chulo"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

I am quite blown away by your last two LRs. It seems that your skills and
confidence, which were already pretty damn impressive when I first met you at
the Seminar, had grown by leaps and bounds. Congrats, man, on living out your
dream and giving these women experiences they probably only read about. Leave
them better than when you found them, I will integrate that as part of my life

I especially liked how you pose the question of her attraction to you when she
is talking about things that you don't really care about, I have made the
mistake in the past of disqualifying women when I don't find their story
immediately interesting to me, but you structured it perfectly so both of you
shared a perfectly wonderful evening.

Couple of gems in your attitude, IMHO

Assume Attraction and act accordingly

Have the confidence that you can give her an amazing experience

Have the confidence to communicate to her your intentions and your power to
make her feel deliciously wonderfully.

Don't know if you realize the impact you could have on the community by sharing
these amazing stories of your life. Your posts are inspirations to many of us
here, I know I have been inspired to be a better lover and a better person.
Mad Props, Bro.


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