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Lay Report pt 3: Montreal: Taking 2 from Tam-Tams

mASF post by kitkatman

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Lay Report pt 3: Montreal: Taking 2 from Tam-Tams
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mASF post by "kitkatman"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

--turn them into daring and lustful sex-crazed creatures--

does this sentence imply that you did stuff that is beyond 'standard' sex that
they normally do not do?

i don't know if you want to detail this on the msg board, but i'd love to know,
so that we can learn how a particular way of gaming a girl can lead all the way
up to really funky things.

guess: is it basically just a question of her trusting you and seeing you as a
sex teacher?

you know, I don't exactly understand what you mean when you say things like
"this is not encouraging me to stay in the community" and what goes into your
decision to stay or leave, but let me say one thing here on behalf of a lot of

your posts are extremely educational, you may succeed in pushing a lot of guys
here into the guy+girl mentality and the whole bit about being honest about
wanting the girl. you could be a very influential poster, a true leader. if
your goal is to teach others and have them benefit from you, your are urged to
post more LR's.

your fuckin amazing.

oh ya one more thing: do you think it's possible for us to learn to be more
creative with words and come up with sensual stories and keeping the
conversation at the playful SOI level like you do with the strawberries and the
feelings stuff? is there anything recommended reading (except your posts of

and finally a question for all the others reading this. I know I have always
been creative and capable of doing convo like GS is posting and even much
funkier and crazier, almost kamakaze-like sensual convo (which of course he can
can do even better but he hasn't posted any of that yet). But I find I have to
get into a "higher level of consciousness" and I need to be with the right
girl, to feel a sort of vibe, a state of confidence that does not last very
long. But when I do, I've done the same things with girls that he's doing,
especially when I was 20-21 when I had no ambition do be an aggressive player.
Can any of you guys relate to this? GoneSavage seems to be in that state of
consciousness on a permanent basis, which is probably extremely rare - a gifted
man who is also very intelligent.

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