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Field Report: Day 2 F-Close (kinda)

mASF post by GenoType

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Field Report: Day 2 F-Close (kinda)
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mASF post by "GenoType"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

This abit long but enjoy. I need as much feed back as possible.

I wake up, get ready for the Day 2 at my house. I got the house smelling like
incents, big 35' tv in my room, everything was basically saying what was going
to go down. I call her up she is just getting home from school, and I tell her
I'll be there in 10 mintutes. I arrive at her house, we start driving in the
car, I act completely normal and I just ask how was school, and gave alittle
interest on the program she is involved in (dual enrollment). I tell her I was
up until 4 am playing halo (this is me not caring what I say and being myself)
she asked if it was halo 2, and I said yes. It just so happens her brother
plays it, so she plays it too. So we get into this whole fun conversation about
it, and it was quite funny how much she knew about this video game (haha). We
get to my house, we walked in, she basically knew what I was planning because
(haha). So we go into my room, (in the car we decided to play halo when we got
to my house), so I put in the halo and played some video games with her. It was
actually fun and not stressful at all at this point, because this girl was
being so cool. I totally whoop her ass, and she love hits me. Well at this
point the game was getting a bit boring so I put in the movie (her favorite
movie to be exact) and I got my bed perfectly positioned so I'm against the
wall holding her and what knot.

A few times during the movie, we would start kissing, and getting tons of kino
in, there were times that she was breathing heavily, and it seemed like she
wanted more, but I took two steps and one step back. So every here and there I
would stop to watch some key parts in the movie. We had a few small convos as
well but nothing really deep. Half way during the movie, I decide to take
action, the next time she looked at me, I looked into her eyes (It was a very
romantic part in the movie) and we started kissing, after 10-15 mins of that
and just wandering my hands all over her, first her pants came off, then her
shirt, then mine, then her panties...that's when I knew it was over haha.

I did a bit more foreplay, then got on top of her, asked "should I get a
condom" she replies "yea, I guess". Now this is where things go bad. I have to
get up and go in a drawer, and get it, by the time I got back on top of her, I
completely went soft. I could not get it up for two minutes after that. I was
so fustrated at myself, because this seems to happen alot (explaination later).
She started to notice why I was stalling so much, but I didn't make it a big
deal or I would definitely lose it hear, finally after a very shitty 2-3 mins I
manage to get back on track and finally got the condom on.

I'm not going to go into full details but, it ended up we didn't do it because
the fact she was to small, I could barely fit one finger in her, and two was
gonna push it. We tried for about 5-7 mins to get it in but, she was just too
small (very petite girl). She even was trying to put it in herself, it was
funny because I was there just watching trying to put it in and she could not
haha. Yes, she was fully soaked, I had her dripping wet, but the fact was she
was just tiny.

After this I'm really fustrated that I went completely soft for a moment, but I
say nothing of it and just act like everything is normal, we start having fun
playing halo again, and we stop and had a few conversations, then she says
this, "I really like you alot, and we've just met, and that doesn't happen to
me often." then I reply with something like "Yea, I really enjoying being
around you, It's so special how I feel like I've known you forever" she smiles
then kisses me.

After this I made a big mistake and told her how I hate talking on the phone,
that I rather see people in person, and etc... Then she gets this thinking face
on. From my judgement this is what's going through her mind "He's leaving on
friday, and he probaly won't call me because of the fact he doesn't like
talking to people on the phone" then I asked her what's on your mind, because I
can always tell when a girl is thinking...she smiles and says nothing, thinking
about what you said. Then it gets even worse, I started to look at her lips,
because I love how her lips are, I comment on them, and for some fucking reason
she says "yea most people tell me that's my best feature on my body". Then
something cliks in her head and she asks me "Are you only with me because of my
pyschical features?" I obviously say no, and I make up this whole thing about
how special I feel with her, and the connection blah blah...things go back to
normal, and I take her home.

After Thoughts: I should of never commented on her lips, know compliment was
needed. Also I kind of messed up saying how I never really call people, which
left her doubting me in a way, that we will probably never speak once I leave.
As for overall relaxedness, I did a pretty good job. haha first F-Close Day 2
(well almost I still count it though.)

Soft Issue: It happens everytime I have sex with a new girl, The very first
time we do it, I always can't get it up, I think I am too nervous when it comes
to the first time with a new girl, and I don't really know how to over come
that, but I'm gonna see if I can relax myself...tomorrow she wants to come over
again...haha second try!

Questions For Memebers:
1)Any remarks on how things could of been better, where I messed up, etc..
2) How to get over the nervousness or what ever is causing me to be soft
everytime I have sex with a new girl.


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