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Field Report: “Love always wins” (week 2) (long)

mASF post by InGenius

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Field Report: “Love always wins” (week 2) (long)
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mASF post by "InGenius"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

FR: “Love always wins” (week 2) (long)

OK so now I’ve been reading ASF for about two weeks. Time to go out with my
wing to see what I’ve learnt…

It’s Christmas eve in London. Me and my wing are just about to go into this
night club. There’s this girl HB7, (good body, regular clothes, no make up)
walking towards us looking into the night club. I stop her and ask “Are you
coming in?” She says she’s supposed to meet some friends there later. I say
“Well come in with us now and you can talk to two interesting guys while you
wait.” She comes in but she doesn’t have enough money to get in because
there’s some problem with her ATM card. She never implied that we should pay
for her and we don’t offer. She gets directions to the nearest ATM and tells
us she’ll be back later.

My buddy and I chill for a while and he asks me if I think she’ll come back. I
tell that I’m sure she’ll come back, I just had this feeling. Anyway she’s
nothing special so we don’t care. About half an hour later she comes in. She
gets a beer and I sit her between my wing and I on the bench seat and I push
right up to her so all three of us are in body contact – kind of cosy because
it was winter. We fluff for a while. I’m picking up LSE vibes. I do a palm
read. I only just read about it that day so I was hopeless at it but I
bullshitted my way through it making sure to say she’s ruled by the heart etc.
I remember I did it on her right hand which I found out later was wrong haha.
Anyway good excuse for kino.

I’ve upped the buying temp so I do a take away at this point. I get her
talking to my wing then I go (without telling her) to the toilet and get a
drink and start talking to some dude. I come back and she asks “Where did you
go?” Just what I wanted to hear. I try to run the Discovery Pattern on her
but I ballsed it up. No more patterns, I haven’t assimilated them properly

A bit later her friend arrives. Total AFC I can tell he’s in LJBF land. I get
him sitting next to me to befriend him. A while later her other friend
arrives, another AFC dude. At that stage my amog game was undeveloped and I
didn’t really feel like hanging with these guys because they were negative
social proof plus there were lots of other girls in the bar. My wing and I
eject for a while.

The bar is closing and I go over to her to say good bye. I start walking out
and she follows me asking for my number. I give it to her. As we’re walking I
ask what her motto is. She says “Love always wins”. I think to myself this is
consistent with her LSE vibe – probably abusive boyfriend. At the time I
didn’t realise it also meant “ruled by the heart” which means I nailed the palm
read. Oh well I’m still learning. I didn’t really know where I was going with
this so I just ask her what her motto means. She says “You know? Love,
relationships, sex”. I say “Sex eh? So tell me about sex.” We get cut off
the by AFC’s who want to buy some alcohol. Damn she just opened the box and
those AFC’s fucked it for me.

They want me to stay with them. Not my scene. I tell them I’ve got to walk
about 4 km to get home so I’m off. They keep tagging along with me like I’m
their alpha male for about 500m. At that point she realises she’s going the
wrong way and wants a hug goodbye (good sign). The AFC’s like me so much they
won’t let me leave till I have some of their alcohol.

Day2 (4 weeks after ASF)
About 2 weeks later, I’ve forgotten about this chic. She rings me and asks me
to meet her for a drink. It’s a week night and I haven’t got anything else on.
I’ve now got twice the ASF firepower, so let’s see what happens.

We meet at a pub and fluff for a while. I elicit lots of values. She tells me
about her bad relationship with her parents, her abusive ex-boyfriend, troubles
at university. The pub closes and we spend the rest of the night taking buses
and walking around looking for pubs that are open.

I know that I’m going to be this girl’s counsellor for the night. I know that
it will land me in LJBF zone. Anyway I can’t help myself. I wanted to try out
the NLP stuff that I just read about. So I launch it. I do reframe after
reframe for about 3 hours straight. I make her parents look like good, caring,
worrying, misunderstood parents (I’m taking their side). I turn the ex-BF into
an insignificant blip in her past. I reframe the university problems as
ephemeral and dynamic and that every year is different.

One thing is for sure. I developed very deep rapport with this. Throughout
the night I’m trying to work out how to initiate kino with this girl. It just
didn’t seem right talking about abusive ex-bf’s then doing the David D hair
stroke move. The logistics were bad which is why we end up sitting at a bus
stop near my house, it’s about 4am. I say “It’s late. I’ve got to go to bed.”
I tell her to get up and give me a hug. We hug then I go for the kiss.

After a while I notice she’s trembling. Ask if she is all right. She babbles
something back, she can’t talk properly because she’s so nervous. I always
break the kiss first and just pull back and look at her (credit ASF). She
won’t look me in the eye. She keeps looking down. She’s nervous. I love the
power! I do my usual kissing routine. Holding face, fingers through her hair,
hands under her shirt up her back then around to the front, up to titties, down
to pussy. Nice and slow, whole thing takes about and hour. Meanwhile I’m
telling her “lift up my shirt, put your hands on my back etc.”

I get to the hands on the pussy part and she tells me we have to stop. OK
we’re at a bus stop so not much more to do anyway. I set up for my grand
finale. I kiss her for another 10 minutes. Then pull back and look her in the
eyes and say slowly and deeply “Love always wins.” Anchors away! I just
anchored this kiss to her motto so every time she says her motto in the future
she’ll feel a strange sense of excitement and happiness.

“Leave them better than you found them.” – Major Mark

PU Notes
I think LJBF is more of a risk with better looking girls. I have noticed when
I’m around better looking girls I definitely avoid the counsellor

One thing that counselling does is it generates massive rapport and trust. I
am good at rapport game. I need to build on this.

“Sex is a continuation of rapport.” I can’t remember who said it. I made up
a pattern about this and tested it on my ex-gf to turn her into a FB. I had to
deliver it 3 different ways before she got the message! Nice to have a
unwitting PU guinea pig FB ex-gf. Haha.

- InGenius

"With great power, comes great responsibility" - Spiderman's Uncle

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