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HB9...input on what she was doing in set?

mASF post by MattDamon

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HB9...input on what she was doing in set?
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mASF post by "MattDamon"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Im not going to post the entire story of this set but what happened was i did a
two set at the bar early in the nite. They were really fat asian girls, two of
them. We were all underage and waiting for our "Waters." I actually liked their
company they were funny as hell. These fat asian girls, though fat and ugly
acted like nothign was wrong with themselves and were loving life, so enjoyed
talking to them. They were fun and actually brought my state up. Anyway, as i
was doing this two set these others girls kept looking at me talking to these
girls, they're farther down the bar talking to each other but also looking over
at my set wondering waht was going on. So i thought nothing of it and kept
doing this set for the practice. About 30 min later im getting another water at
the bar and the girls i saw looking at me from further down the bar were like
looking at eachother and laughing and i just gave them this look like WTF??? Do
i know you? an just asked the bar tender for my water and ignored them.

So, im surprised because this girl and her friend are actaully really really
hot. So...she comes over to me and opens me.

HB9: Oh, we were just talking about how you were the abercrombie boy that was
talking to our friends earlier this evening. We weren't laughing at you.

at this point i realize the "Two Set" i thought i had done was actaully more
like a five or six set and the girls looking at me from down the bar were just
watching me talk to their friends, proabably wondering what was up and why the
hell i was talking to their two fat ugly friends and not them, the hot ones.

Me: Ohh yea?....oh yea, So and So...oh i didnt know you were with them.

me and her talk for a few minutes and have attraction and qualifyed her tell
her why i like her. She starts qulifying herself to me and telling me how she
just broke up with her boyfriend. Out of know where. Now, i look at this like,
hell yea, she wants to hook up. and a huge IOI. (let me know what you guys
thin of that little subtlty , i could be wrong) her other HB9 friend whose
hotter comes in and starts touching me and interupts the thread. Im thinking
FUCK, because i just broke up with my gf too and i could have venue changed and
escalated even more off theat thread. I could have created alittle connection.
Also, letting her know sublty that, yea, i broke up and want a rebound bang

Anyway, this set was actaully funny how it turned out but i know i could have
fucked this girl if i didnt fuck up the set. I think i used one too many
attract tactics. they shit tested the fuck out of me.
I controlled the frame really well. they tried steling the frame from me a lot
and controlling the convo. My calibration was money. My eye contact was
perfect. Bl, perfect. I did, tons of the right things.

You guys could probably help out alot better if you knew all the details of the
set. but the only things i was really unsure of in the set was...and need your
thoughts on...

They would talk to each other and be like after i would push pull them, or
mini-cold read, this kids like 16 and he's got some game. Oh my god! ( i look
young and had the x's on my hand to probve i wasnt 21)so they knew i was young
and kept asking my age and how old i was? ( are they trying to qualify me or is
this just an IOI) I just want to know if tehy are shit testing me here and
whats going on here?


She kept asking me age a lot, bnut i never told. Becaus ei though she was
trying to screen me and it was a shit test. Is this an IOI or a shit test?
whats the deal here?

these are like the only two things i was wondering about? in set...

also...i passed the age qestions with...this: I told her to come her, like i
needed to tell her a secret. she puts her ear up to my mouth and im
like....actaully....i shouldnt be here....i snuck out of my crib...

any thoughts?


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