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Ego “Im a PUA”!

mASF post by Vancity_Rockstar

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Ego “Im a PUA”!
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mASF post by "Vancity_Rockstar"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

Hey guys,

I've been going out 4 nights a week + for the past 3 months. In that time my
game has skyrocketed and I was recently (two weeks ago) getting the #s of 8s
and 9s. Recently a trend has developed for myself and my wings in the Vancouver
Lair where we have been letting A LOT of sets walk by us, sets we would have
previously opened.

I've been reflecting a lot lately on my inner game» and a couple of questions
have come up that need answering. There are a few that I don't have answers

These questions are:

a) Why do I let hot sets walk right by me when I know I have the skills? I know
women want me and I want them... - Recently we have all been letting a lot of
sets walk by. This is a huge problem. When we started we would open anything
that walked and had 2 legs and our skills improved 10 fold because of it.

It is true that as we get better we will open less because our standards will
have gone up, but we're not practicing the way we used to. We aren't practicing
any routines or game on less attractive girls and, most important, we aren't
opening the majority of hot sets that walk by. Why?

b) Why am I passing off sets to my wings? - We used to almost be in competition
for sets. Now if I see a hot set coming I'll say something like 'Stefan
go....'. I even opened a HOT set the other day and literally passed her off to
my wing Stefan after the opener.

I know I have the skills and the ability to attract these girls. I also realize
that the more hot sets I run the better so, theoretically, I should be jumping
to get a hot hot set that walks by. Instead I have been passing them off. Why?

c) Why do I still care about what other people think about me? - When we are
out sarging this isn't usually a problem but as soon as I run into someone I
know or someone I have a negative anchor with, my game goes to SHIT because I
care too much about what they think. Why is this happening?

d) Why am I not escalating as much as I should be? - I'll open hot sets and
won't push for a # close or kiss close. Why? Fear of losing that acceptance
from the set? Why?

I have been told that this is a common plateau that GPUAs hit. Inside my head I
get this vision of "I know I can do this its easy, all women want me, I'm
becoming a solid PUA" etc which may be true, but over time, I internally, maybe
even subconsciously, worry about getting in a set that bombs bad, going against
the picture of myself that I have in my head, which could make me question my
belief and break my frame, so its like a catch 22.

How can I get around this problem guys? Any thoughts? Any re-frames or
affirmations you guys know of?

I hope to get some replies soon.

~ Rockstar

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