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Lay Report: car sex in the woods in YUG

mASF post by Mirx

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Lay Report: car sex in the woods in YUG
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mASF post by "Mirx"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

This was about a week ago..
I was visiting my relatives in Yugoslavia (SCG) and went out one night with my
cousins husband Dejan.. (I normally live in Sweden)

As you all know the balkan men are pretty alpha and the society is a bit
different there..
The girls dress very sexy but everyone of them plays the "I'm a good girl"
Being a ho is not accepted at all..

There is a saying in YUG..
"All girls are good.. untill the lights come off"

Normally it takes me day2 or 3 to lay one of them but this night was
different.. my first ONS in YUG.

The club..
Me and Dejan went out and sat down at the local "mob coffy shop" and just
chilled.. There are about 15 coffy shops next to each other on the main street
in "Kraljevo".. All have tables outside and we call them "gardens".
Women walk by on both sides of these gardens to strutt their stuff..
Some of them walk up and down this street all night untill someone invites them
to sit with them..
Women rarely have to pay for anything in Yug..

We just chilled for a while and looked at the women walking by.
He's about 10 years older than me and a complete Natural..(I'm 24)
We started talking about how women work and what the difference between swedish
women and the YUG women are..
As he explained it there was'nt that much of a difference exept for that their
BS are stronger than swedish women.. I would soon find that out for myself.

10min into our conversation.. fine women start to come up to Dejan and talk to
him..(that knew him)
He introduces everyone of them to me.. we talk for a bit and they all sit at a
table near us.. He only invites 9s and 10s to sit with him.. and only in a
closed area..

I felt a little bit Amoged by him but he invites me in every conversation and I
start to get the same social proof as him..
We had 2sets all around us and got IOI's from everyone of them.. It was clear
to me that he is well known by the women here.. And we both have very similar

It was very funny to me because Dejan has no knowledge of mASF or anything like
it.. He doesn't even own a cpu. And still does the same things any good mASF
schooled PUA would =).

Two HB 9's sit 3 tables from us and both give us allot of IOI's.. cuz we are
surrounded by women who talk to us and noone sits at our table.
I told Dejan I was going to open them and he stopped me..
"fynnu look on my face" Huh?? Why not??

He had a better Idea..
We walked up to a 2set (He knew them) that sat at a table near HB9's table.. We
told them that we were going to a club with live music (Just loud enough so the
9's could hear us).. we left..

This was very strange to me cuz I would normally just opened the 9's right
there.. But since he's married with children he didn't want to Game them on the
main street.. and that's cool with me.

We went for somthing to eat.. YUG's got the best barbecue in europe =).. And
got to the club late.. to late..
The place was packed with nowere to sit untill..

The same 9's that sat in the garden accedently were at the same club hehe..
They sat alone so we walked up said that there was nowere to sit and asked if
we could join them.. and sat down before they could reply.. They were happy to
let us sit with them.. (It was cool cuz this club is at the edge of town)..

We chatted for a while.. c&f talk.. not leading anywere.. just to spike up BT a
Both 9's went to the resthroom to freshen up..

That wasn't why they both went to the resthroom.. they went there to decide
which one of us they wanted.. I think all women do this when they go toghether
to the restroom.

HB9's one readhead one brunette.. were both 22 and single..
When they came back It was clear who wanted who.. The readhead sat next to me..

There was'nt allot of conversation between us

I was on the readhead and Dejan on the brunette..

Readhead asked me where I'm from.. I said guess..
She knew I was from out of town cuz I look like it =).. but I still would'nt
tell her..
Got a few questions like that and gave her the same answer.. guess..
I kept busting on her for being a lousy guesser.. and she liked it..

The music was to loud to have any good verbal game with her so instaid I just
fixed my body language and kept allot of sexual EC with her..
The place was packed with alphamales and to be different from them (couldn't
talk that much) I had to move in super slowmotion..
In a coffyshop ore anywere ells this would look stupid.. but in a packed club
with loud music and many distractions this gets notised and is attractive..

Readhead askes me if I want to go outside to get some fresh air with her.. (I
was just thinking how I was going to isolate her.. this girl was gaming me

It was raining outside so she pulled her self close to me.. PERFECT.. (I stood
on a little dry spot covered by a tree.. away from any bystanders)
Gave her a compliment about never liking redheads but there was something about
her that really came out because of the red hair..
This was no bullshit.. she really had something and I don't like readheads..

She gave me a hug and I smelled her neck and Kinoed her pantyline.. Leaned back
with intence EC.. and a smirk on my face..
She tougned me down..

We made out for quite some time totally into eachother..
I told her a theori about some people who totally connect without saying much
to eachother and how rare it was to experience that..

I told her I was leaving tomorrow to go back to Sweden (white lye)..
She told me her parents were in sweden but couldn't remember what town.. yeah
right.. (her white lye)
(Both were lying.. me to avoid LMR.. her to get rapport)

Chatted for a while about how it was in sweden.. kissed again, grabbed her hand
and whent back to our table..

Dejan told me to drive him and the brunette to another club that had a motel
We all got in my car.. dropped Dejan and HB9'brunette off and drove readhead

On the way we talked about if we were ever going to se eachother again.. I told
her I wasn't comming back for at least a year.. (white lye)..
She told me to take a different road home.. said it was closer.. (white lye)

She lived with her uncle in a village nearby and the road we took was nothing
but trees..
We stopped 500m from the village so "we could talk a little"..

We made out.. I was expecting some LMR but it all went smooth.. top came off no
I had to lead her allot though.. pulled her hand on my dick.. pulled down my
own pants and grabbed the back of her head for some good BJ.. no rough stuff
just showing her what I wanted..
After that.. she mounted me and we went at it..

The thing about this girl was that she diddn't want to do anything in public..
every close I made was when we were alone.. That's the difference with them and
swedish chicks.. You can tougedown a swedish chick and sometimes get a handjob
on the dancefloor if it is crouded..

I later learned from Dejan that that's how the game is played in YUG.. Same
thing just lead more.. be a man and isolate away from public..

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