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Field Report: Double Tonguedown ON MY BED

mASF post by Magnus

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Field Report: Double Tonguedown ON MY BED
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mASF post by "Magnus"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

On my last night in Los Angeles, I had two girls in the hot tub at Project
Hollywood, which was nice. But the girl I'd laid before didn't want to
share me, so I had to let the new girl go without.

Tonight was my last night in Vienna, and somehow... I managed to have two
girls on my bed, taking turns to make out and dry hump with me. It was

SIX WEEKS ago, at the Danube Island Festival, Dreamweaver and I ran a two
set. I with my flashy t-shirt reading "Ich bin ein Wiener Schnitzel". My
girl won't kiss and nothing is happening with him and his girl, so I suggest
we swap. Within a few seconds the other girl is tongueing me down. I'd had
mad IOIs from her earlier but she was slightly less pretty than her friend,
and it was my set, so I was going for her friend.

I number-closed them both, and started getting texts from the girl I didn't
kiss, but I'd forgotten who she was. I was walking round a castle here
sightseeing with Razorjack, and thinking "I hope it's not the slightly
retarded girl from the other night". So a week later I day 2'd her, but she
wouldn't kiss me because she had a boyfriend. Whatever.

Flashforward to tonight. For our last night in Vienna brainfreez and I
texted ALL our number-closes from the last 10 weeks, including girls who had
stopped answering texts and probably didn't like us anymore. We also
invited the Austrian players... Most of the girls that still like us
replied like this:

"...sadly I am on vacation in Upper Austria with my family right now..."
"...My dear magnus. i am on the way to cannes, france..."
"..I'd have come if I could...but I am not in Vienna!..."
"..i'm not sure if we come tonight. because maybe we'll go at a friends
party! sorry!.."
"...Hey!i'm afraid i have 2 tell u that i'm on holidays in teneriffa..."

Which sucked. But the girl I kissed at the festival did come. She was
there at 8pm, while I was fashionably late, having told everyone 8pm I
turned up at 8:30pm, to find Wattsecond and another Austrian player guy in
set with three cute Polish girls. The girl from the festival turned up with
her friend, and I bought them both cocktails to apologise for being late.
We joined the set and at one point there were me, Wattsecond, Neodes, Jet
Tiger, another Austrian guy (what do you post as, dude?) with the 3 Polish
girls, 2 friends of Neodes' brother or something, and my 2 girls, all
sheltering under a large umbrella in the garden of the club, where it was
raining. Then AFCfriend, the festival girl's ex-boyfriend, turns up. He's
cool enough, I great him with a dominating "HEY" and point to the chair I
want him to sit in.

Eventually we went inside, the guys had to pay, but were given vouchers for
free cocktails, which I bought off them. There was dancing and festival
girl and her friend are both into me. I'm kissing them on the cheeks a lot
and getting them to kiss me. Lots of photos were taken. I tool the
AFCfriend by having him take photos of me with the two girls. I take a
picture of him with them and the girls look at the photo and say "he is
angry", I say "why??? no he's not, don't be silly". Already, it's fairly
obvious where things are going.

The slightly hotter of the two, the friend, is at the bar, I give her the
free vouchers to buy us all drinks, but there's only three vouchers, so
AFCfriend doesn't get one, he sort of gets ignored, poor guy.

I go running up to brainfreez and ask if I should kiss her or at home, he
says at home, so when the girls come out of the toilet I tell them I have to
go, and they should come and help me pack. Wattsecond offers us a lift, and
we all walk to his car. I link arms and hold hands with the two girls.
AFCfriend dawdles behind. When we get there, AFCfriend decides to walk home
(to pretty much the same place we are being driven to), even though there is
a spare seat in the front. I sit between the two girls in the back, and
pump their pretty little buying temperatures.

Wattsecond is a STAR for driving us. I think things were strong enough at
this stage that we could just as well have taken a taxi. In the back of the
car I kiss them both repeatedly on the cheeks and foreheads. I call them
"meine kleine schwesters" - my little sisters, and tell them how they will
help me pack... one will clean the floors while the other cleans the oven.
blah blah, ironing, packing, etc. I pace them and qualify them on being
adventurous. "What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?" "what's
the most adventurous thing you've done together?" "how many boys have you
kissed?" - they have both lost count... "ok, how many boys have you slept
with... this week" none... "ever?..." The girl I kissed at the festival
says "none". Her friend says "seven". I think FUCK. The threesome is off.
She can't possibly lose her v-card with me, or with her friend there. So
the plan is to kiss them both and see if I can get the friend to stay.

Wattsecond drops us off 2 minutes walk from the apartment, and I continue to
tease, qualify, tickle the girls. Unlock the door to the street, dive
behind it, don't let them in, open it a little, make them affirm that they
want to come in. 'Grudgingly' allow them in and lead them up to the flat,
same charade with the door to the flat. Give them a bit of a tour, blame
all the mess on brainfreez. But I'm busting for the toilet, so I go and
pee, and listen to them talking to each other in German. They are actually
pumping each other's buying temps! Un-be-fucking-lievable.

Alright, so they are extremely giggly, and we ACTUALLY ARE PACKING my stuff.
They are folding shirts and sorting through junk on my desk. Lots of
mini-play-fights, and tickling, and squaring up to them and poking them in
the stomach. They are laughing all the time. A couple of times I have them
both on the bed and tickle them, and they are tickling me. They teach me
german for 'ticklish', but I forget it.

Alright, so I'm thinking DUAL INDUCTION MASSAGE. But everything is too
giggly and silly for this. We try it anyway. Push festival girl onto the
bed, and new girl and I rub her back, but she's just laughing too much. New
girl won't kiss me at this point. There's just too much laughing and they
are nervous and over-excited. So new girl lies down and we half-heartedly
rub her back. It's too stupid and I crease up and lie down for them to rub
my back. I realise I'm going to have to work this out for myself.

So then the new girl goes to the toilet, and I bust the festival girl for
not seeing me for five weeks, and how I thought she was cool, and mmmmm she
smells nice, and I kino her arms and her waist and gently tongue her down.
Push her away and her friend comes back from the toilet. I ask festival
girl if she needs the toilet, but she doesn't. I'm pretty sure the friend
will kiss me though.

More of the same... we seriously did half my packing. They find my Babar
the Elephant book, and read a bit of that to me in German. I get bored and
throw it on the floor and tickle them. FINALLY festival girl goes to the
toilet, and I tongue down the friend, no resistence.

Festival girl comes back, and we count my 2 euros of change in 1s and 5s and
10 euro cents. Then I sit on the edge of my bed, yank them both onto a knee
each and ask them to tell me a story. They don't know a story, so I tell

"once upon a time... there was a prince... and the prince met TWO

Looking back, I realise that this is fucking genius...

"the two princesses were incredibly beautiful, and very funny and
intelligent, and the prince thought they were both awesome. He liked that
they were very adventurous and spontaneous, and how even though they may
have been nervous or shy they still were happy and felt very, very

They are still laughing, but I tell them off because it's a serious story.
Then I lean backwards and pull them both down next to me. They kind of try
to get up so I tickle them and turn around, half pinning them down, but
gently, only because I am lying on top of them.

"did I mention how handsome the prince was, and how the princesses were the
luckiest princesses in all of the kingdom" I kissed them each on the cheeks
and foreheads... still stroking and tickling them... talk more about the
prince and princesses and kiss them each on the lips... and then tongue down
festival girl, and then the other. Hurrah. Then just tongue down each
alternately, tickling them and paying more attention to whichever seems more
likely to run away at any point.

I still cannot believe that any of this really happened. But it did... and
it was fucking great.

One of them makes a break for it, so I jump up, tell them off for
distracting me from the packing, and we play that charade out a bit more,
and then I slam them both back onto the bed and kiss them some more. I want
to transition from laughing and kissing to having them more relaxed and
horny, so I tell them the prince is tired and have them cuddle up to me for
a while, and it's at this point that brainfreez comes in.

I enjoy the novelty of having two girls on my bed and make out with them
each alternately, and run a bit of standard rapport game on them both at the
same time. I see how I can push things in terms of leaving one alone for
longer and longer periods of time while I make out with the other, light dry
humping and groping of the breasts. They both have lovely breasts.

Festival girl seems to be slightly jealous, or something. She keeps saying
they should go and I keep agreeing and kissing them more, but eventually
they get up. Take a nice video of me kissing them both. I tell them they
could stay but festival girl needs panty-liners, apparently. I whisper to
the other girl that just she can stay, and tell her that if she stays I'll
fuck the shit out of her. It's not the wrong thing to say, but it doesn't
help any.

I kiss them goodbye at the door to the flat, and then realise I need to let
them out of the back door too, they are a little evasive when I follow them
down the corridor but still kiss me again at the back door.

Mmmmm.... I run back up and high-five it with brainfreez.


ps... this is them

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