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Field report from mcmaax-trying really ballsy shit

mASF post by McMaax

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Field report from mcmaax-trying really ballsy shit
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mASF post by "McMaax"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Hey guys, so I thought I would really push the envelope with women this weekend
and try some new, crazy, alpha , kino domiinant shit and also try a more ballsy
opener and low and behold what a great workout to thicken your skin, to give
your balls more juice and also to make you 1000 times more indiferent to a
reaction from a womllan.

Fri I go to the club district and as mentioned I always just take girls by the
hand and lead them to me and say "Hey. come here I wanna ask you something or
talk to you"

If her cockblocks get pissy or want to interrupt me. I tell them. Hey guys you
know you can wait your turn or I will engage them and befriend them to get them
on my side. Very important in group PUA theory. To engage UG's and cockblocks
and slightly ignore the target as this will confuse her as to why you are
ignorning her alittle bit while all the AFC's drool over her, give her
attention and ignore her friends. So she will naturally feel the need to feel
re validated and will chase you and be attracted to you cuz you pose a
challenge. So I was doing this and it def worked.

What I also did was qualify the girls right off the opener. Like if 2 or 3 hot
as chicks were walking by. I would talk go my wing and say "yeah dude we should
totally get a female opinion on this" ..then I would grab the girls as they
were walking by and say

Hey come here I wanna ask you guys something, but are you drunk, cuz we don't
talk to drunk ass, drugged up club girls. Only sensible mature minded women.
THey immediately supplicated and said, no were sober and okay.

It was amazing that when you say something to a woman , and you are COMPLETELY
CONGRUENT WITH IT and in your voice and body language there is no sign of
apologetic or fearful posture , you will actually convey to women that you are
used to talking to women like this and that you are used to grabbing them by
the hands and that they let you and so the next woman or group of will let you
too. It is amazing how important it is to have this mindset and if you do this
any routine will work. Remember it is not the routine or opener that getsyou
laid it is THE MINDSET you are PROJECTING.

Another thing I tried this weekend was
spinning around and putting my hands behind my back like Andrew Dice clay, and
saying take the prize baby as girls were walking by. Most of them grabbed my
hand with no hesitation cuz I believed the would, and I gave her a sleak,
smooth sly smile like "I KNOW YOU GONNA GRAB IT"

I would go up to chicks dancning in patio bars and stuff my modelling websites
cards down their bras and they would smile at me. WHY Cuz I just DIDI IT. NOT
ONE BIT OF FEAR of what if she rejects me, or tells me to fuck off. I have the
mindset of SHE WILL LOVE IT.

I also did shit liike just going up to girls and saying' MY NAME IS MCMAAX
like James bond like way. They loved it
No hi or excuse me
Or go up to girls and look at all of them and say You guys are such girlie
You guys are bad
You women are such sexual predators

or You guys are such powerpuff girls
or Do you guys like lemons
would you date a dwarf with 3 legs
then when she would say Huh and smile.
Or when they would say why are you asking me this, I would say. You know what..
your such a dork, or geek.l See I wouldn't aknowledge their convo threads but
dominate with my non logical, buying temperature spiking and raising attraction

IF a girl says I hate you, you say. "HEY DO YOU LIKE LEMONS" I do.mmmm!

Get it. Suck them into your reality.
I also approached this indian chick and after she started talking to me in a
logical manner, regarding where u from and what do you do questions, I ignored
it and said. Hey you know what. You're such a disneyqueen.

dominating it with GAME and sucking her into your reality.

Remembr when you do this, you must have a playful and seductive and tongue and
cheek tone. IF you do it right, she will gladly jump into your reality tv show.
If not, you will get blown out of the water.

SO anyways, as I am talking to her, I see her cell phone sticking out of the
pocket, and I take it out and call my number with no apologies and shit. and
start looking into her purse and she doesn't say shit. Cuz I'm totally
congruent with it.l I then say K i'm going to call you tomorrow and we're going
to chat more. She says okay but I do have a boyfriend to which I reply. Hey do
you like lemons...? see this is chick logic, which is very non linear and
doesn't make sense. IF you are giving a logical question, don't qualify your
self based it with logical answers, but ignore it and game her with nonsense.
SHe will be sucked into your reality. Anyways I got her e-mail.

So always reframe everything in the positive and it will manifest itself in
reality. It is really magical.

So bottom line Go up to girls, say hey brattypants
or you guys are such girls
or you guys are such powerpuff girls
or just go up and say My name is MAX what's yours
or what I would do is if I'm wallking and a girl is behind me, I would turn
around and say, see if you walk backwards with someone and sync your actions wt
theirs it builds rapport. See can you feel the energy between us? LOL!

Lots of times they would laugh and I would start a convo if she doesn't GET IT
or is BITTER< I NEXT HER> who cares. I live in my reality and she is a guest

So guys, be crazy, go up to girls and make randon statements, live it on your
terms, grab them, touch their hairs, play with their pigtails, tickle them,
role play with them, call them powerpuff girls, and sexual predators, tell them
that they are not going to get any sex tonight. IF they don't pay attention to
you during the sarge say HEY the party is here honey not there in your head.
Get off drugs, I don't like coke whores.

SEE be the man and tease them, but playfully and she is PUTTY IN YOUR HANDS as

Now I do have a question for the senior members, I notice that many times when
I open sets and shit, I don't push the sarge all the way to end game cuz the
chick don['t interest me and is boring. SO because I am still a student and
aspiring PUA and aspiring PUMASTER and NOT a PUA yet should I still just do it
for practice or can I be selective as to how far I wanna take an interaction?
Your feedback is greatly appreciated


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