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newcomer needs help

mASF post by jamesbond

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newcomer needs help
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mASF post by "jamesbond"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, December 12, 2002

Hi guys, first of all I want to tell you this website is one of the greatest
things I have ever seen.
I'm new to this stuff. I've been reading some of RJ's and Cliff's newsletters,
plus Tony's "How to lay girls guide" (which is a great resource for you
I think of myself as a rAFC. When I'm feeling good and natural, I have great
times with women as well, and manage to attract hotties even without intending
to do so. When I'm not... I really need to get this out of my sistem, as one's
state of mind is vital for the outcome of his actions. Once I do that, and get
to apply more and more of this comunity's valuable knowledge, my success will

Now on to my questions.
I meet this hottie a couple of days ago. She's 20 (I'm 22), an artist
(graphics), and we had some really
great moments. I was coming to meet a few friends in a bar, after sarging some
other chick (which did not go as well, I'm not as interested in her as I
expected to be). And there she was. They were coming from a close
woman-friend's house, and their gathering there was a total fuckup, and she
wasn't in a great mood at the beginning. Well I saved this chick's day, and got
in some nice stuff:
- demonstrated value and personality - I'm like one of the best guys in my
field, at least in my country, plus I've seen the world, done some stuff, and
so on;
- understood and mirrored some of her stuff - she talks about seeing some
parts of our country, I tell her there are many more to see, and a few things
about them; she tells me about one time she was going on trips without much
money so I tell her a similar story (she has money now); we share some success
stories (she's one of the best in her field too) etc.;
- created an opportunity for her - she had had to go at a costume party which
didn't happen, she was upset about not wearing her Egiptian costume at all, so
I told her she should wear it next time we meet (note: at my place :) );
suggested a meeting - we drank a couple of glasses of wine as fast as we could
(no I'm not into alcohol and neither is she, we did it just for fun) and we
ranked equal, so I told her we should have a final match to decide the winner.

Well, the meeting is in about 8 hours (at 7PM in my timezone). I told her she
should come to my place, do some stuff there (the costume wearing, final
contest etc.), then go out (well I'm not planning to get to that part:) ).
She didn't object 'cos we had some good vibes, plus we have some common friends
(which told me she was pretty excited about meeting me after the initial
meeting). The problem is I managed to FUCK UP the phone call (it wasn't very
bad, but a part of it was AFC, sorry, I'm going to disregard it and do a
followup on our meeting, not on the phone call). And I don't want to fuck up
the meeting as well.

My plan is
- getting her to talk about herself;
- eliciting values + connection;
- kino - but I don't have experience in it, I hope I won't look too hungry;
- trying to insert some stuff like Ideal Attraction, Ideal Relationship etc.;
- Questions game + kiss question if it doesn't follow naturally;
- plus the usual wine, candles, music ... stuff.

I'd like to know some experts' oppinions. How can I make her forget about
going out, and stay in instead?

Some more input: her mom died recently (which is very bad), she's living with
her father + his new wife
and their other daughter (also bad; how can I use it without attracting bad
vibes?). And I heard she's dumped a
BF not long ago.
And one more thing: if I start well, I'm going to win her over. What should I
do if I don't? How do
I improve my mental state quickly, if I'm feeling nervous when meeting her?

Thanks guys. I'm planning to submit my own pieces of advice, after getting
some more experience (which
might take a few months, maybe a year or so)

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