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Re: LayGuide sold to public as an "e-Book"???

mASF post by Anton Klink

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Re: LayGuide sold to public as an "e-Book"???
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mASF post by "Anton Klink"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, April 4, 2001

[warning: quite long, explaining the recent LayGuideebook controversy]

As some of you know, there's an e-Book sold as LayGuideon a site called
"". What has ticked people off in this newsgroup are that
such an e-Book even exists, furthermore, that it is being sold, but worst
of all - the controversial text that is being used to market it.

Most of this negativity has been associated with me. I admit to be partly
guilty for the existence of such an ebook, but I would like to have a
chance to explain, because:

- neither am I (tony of the original Layguide"tony's How to Lay Girls
Guide") selling the e-Book

- nor am I the author of the marketing text accompanying it

- on top of that, I don't profit from the sales of such an e-Book in
almost any way.

***The controversial "Men vs Women" marketing text

Here's a quick reminder of what the fuss is all about, the controversial
part of the marketing text accompanying LayGuidethe ebook on copy/pasted:

"The LayGuideeBook is not limited to just 'men'. Although it was
originally written for men, women can use the LayGuideto guard against
speed seductionists! Do you think your man is the ultimate romancer? Find
out if he's actually a speed seductionist!"

This is quite embarrassing and I have now asked the author to not just
remove the text but the whole e-book from his site.

Men and women are not enemies and should not be pitted against each other.
And whether someone uses SS, Mystery method, GM or even FoxHunting to
bring mental and physical pleasure to a woman, this is not something a
woman should "guard" herself against. If she does, she'll be loosing out
on some of the most wonderful experiences of her life. But I don't have to
explain that.

Furthermore, I really doubt LayGuidewould be of any use to women looking
for advice on seduction. Maybe except for those who are after other

***So how did such an e-Book even come about and why has been
linking to it?

Originally the current site operater also operated a site
called (currently defunct). This site used to sell
access to a cosmetically changed layguidecharging somewhere near $40 for
it while my site was still free.

As a welcomed change from other layguideripoff site operators (some
selling access, some offering it free together with penis-enlargement and
porn banners etc), the operator of actually agreed to
take the site down upon my request. Somewhat later the same operator
contacted me, asking whether he could sell LayGuideas an ebook on his new
site. While layguidewas getting ripped off all over the net, I didn't
think I would have been justified in refusing the one person that actually
bothered to ask, so I said yes.

Additionally, I was offered a chance to make a miniscule commission from
the sales of bundled (not individual) e-books originating from my site,
so I put up a link to on my site. I would have left it at
that and forgotten all about it, hadn't it been for Maniac and DeepBlue
who brought the controversy to my attention.

And justly so. Naturally, the operator of is trying to sell
his ebooks to anybody, but his way of doing that is upsetting a lot of
the very people that had a significant role in the development of LayGuideitself. So understandably this cannot be tolerated - your thoughts and
opinions have to be respected.

Thus inspite of having been the only one of all the
copycats to actually ask for the permission of the compiler and co-author
of the document to sell it, I have asked ebookathon to remove LayGuidethe
ebook from their bundle.

I deeply apologize if anyone's feelings were hurt during the controversy
and agree wholeheartedly with everything that has been said in the thread
dating back to Feb 2001. Although... I think someone also posted "tony is
an a--hole!" somewhere along the way, but hey, if that's how he really
feels, who am I to tell him he's wrong:)

For a free version of LayGuideplease turn to

The commercial version at is not recommended for
asf readers (unless you're already a member) as all the same contents can
be found in Maniac's mirror of the original LayguideThat's at least
until any substantial updating hasn't occurred on the commercial version
(as some of you rightly have pointed out hasn't happened for more than 6
months already, but hopefully subject to change).

tony - The How to Lay Girls Guide

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2001 by "Anton Klink" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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