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Re: LayGuide affiliate program, 50% commissions

mASF post by Formhandle

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Re: LayGuide affiliate program, 50% commissions
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mASF post by "Formhandle"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, January 1, 2001

You're right. It's spam.

...And for anyone who's interested, I'm building up a FREE "lay guide"
of my own (which will be available on my site) and will release it soon
enough. It will blow the pants of Anton's site, will be dynamically
searchable, cleanly layed out, include adequate and appropriate
attributions for referenced material, and provide a more useful
mechanism to get more related info via the searchable archive. It will
also include a pop-up acronym tooltip feature, approrpiate links to the
FAQ, and will be chock full of references to field reports. A little
patience and it will be available soon... and those who know me will
know that when I say I'm going to do something, I do it and I do it

I didn't feel the need before, but now I have a real incentive knowing
that 95% of your guide is just repurposed regurgitations from here and
the only thing really going for it is that it's well-organized
repurposed regurgitations. And that being the case, I can't fathom how
you get the gall to resell that material rather than find some other
means to make a buck (ads, sponsorships, whatever, anything but outright
reselling of people's words).

You wanted to make a ton of money on this, but now it's too late.
Prepare to see a (FREE) guide hosted on my site that will make yours
look like child's attempt at writing a thesis on lego blocks.

Anton Klink wrote:

> I know some of you may consider this disgusting spam. but many
> of you also have links to layguideon your homepages/e-mail sigs,
> so I thought its only fair to let all of you know that by
> replacing your ordinary links with affiliate links, you can start
> earning up to 50% commissions (plus authors featured in layguide> have a permanent life-time 50% commission rate).
> if you think you can stomach the hype, there's more at:
> for a complete set of questions about the program, the faq is at:
> enjoy:)
> tony
> - The How to Lay Girls Guide

jay <[email protected]>

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