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Re: My Introduction

mASF post by Stepleader

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Re: My Introduction
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mASF post by "Stepleader"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, November 11, 2000

Hey all
I'm fresh out of the newsgroup. I felt that 99.9% of
the things they were talking about were problems I wasn't having
anymore, and since I like to keep pushing myself, someone suggested I
come here.

>>>>so coming here to asf os to solve your OTHER problems huh? interesting

My problem (and this is the last time you'll hear me bitching btw) is
that I had a whole lot of friends when I went through university, but
after we all graduated, they moved on and left me here. I spent the
first 6 or 7 months of the year making a victim out of myself, and
feeling like shit. This kind of turned me into a restrained,
over-analytical, pathetic version of myself, so I decided to do
something about it.

>>>>I hope you mean that you decided to get out consistantly every night
into public gatherings even if you had to go by yourself. that is the way.

I started reading all I could on killing the shyness in me, and building
my self-confidence. I used to think of myself as an A and the rest of
the world as a B, and as you can imagine, thought I stood out like a
sore thumb when I was in public. I've just finished a month of learning
that this is not the case, and that women see me as a 'perfectly normal'
guy and not some kind of strange freak. (dunno why I ever thought this
but hey)

>>>>great now stop reading and get out. 200 approaches under your belt THEN
come here again. good luck and see you in 1 to 2 months. bye.

As I got more confident and went out more and more, it became apparent
that the lack of friends was not my problem. I could go out and do stuff
on my own, with no hassles. What was becoming a problem was that
everyone else seemed to go out in groups, or at least in pairs. Even
young student chicks don't go shopping on their own, they have to go
with their flatmate.

>>>if you enter a club on your own, your first approach will become your
base. make friends there. get #s. call them when you want to head out to
a club to sarge. invite them to places where there are girls. MAKE INSTANT
WINGS when you get to the gathering.

I've been practicing the art of smiling at chicks I
walk past, and it's very contageous and great fun. I think i'm ready to
start making conversations with girls out of the blue, but the fact that
they are hard to find on their own makes this a bit of a bitch to cope with.

>>>>try NOT walking PAST them. smile. they smile. 3s rule it. talk.
open. FIND is the hardest so you must enter public gatherings. where do
the girls CONGUGATE? (sp!)

I would love to hear some suggestions from guys who are in or have been
in my situation, and have made progress. Where did you go to from here?

>>>>I went out alone. I looked for places. I systematically investigated
my area. I went out and the loneliness drove me to meet groups. some of
them I met again and again. DECIDE. DECIDE to get out 4 nights a week. go
alone. fuck the way THEY say you should go out in groups. fuck them. you
will get laid more alone than in groups.

I'm re-reading and re-reading the "How To Lay Girls guide" and a lot of
it seems to really help me. It's a fantastic resource.

>>>>exactly. there you are in a classic failure. you feel success just
READING about the art. thinking you are doing SOMETHING to better yourself
when this is an illusion. you are tricking yourself. put down the keyboard
and the books and get the fuck out of your house. I dont want to see you
here for a while. when you come back you will have 200 stories. the first
50 will be lame stories, but the last 50 will knock our socks off. I expect
you to fuck 3 girls in the next 2 months. dont let me down.


Any help is welcomed.

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