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Estonian women

mASF post by Anton Klink

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Estonian women
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mASF post by "Anton Klink"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, October 10, 2000

[the following might be a little off-topic when it becomes to seduction
per se, but hopefully a little informative nevertheless:)]

>I bet the girls in
>Estonia are good looking too, huh? It's right up there
>next to the Scandinavian countries. Thanx again. bye.

yes, the estonian girls are usually prasied by most foreigners that come
to visit estonia. in my opinion though, there are a few quite simple
reasons behind that (besides courtesy:) -

* coming from a soviet background, where a macho factory/construction
worker woman was the norm, women have swung quite into the opposite
direction. they dress sexy, high heels, short skirts, sensual makeup.
nobody is wearing jeans/pants, not washing their hair, not careing to put
on some makup - the women here are _femimine_. the feminists or even
ordinary women coming from western europe or norhtern america (wearing
pants and not washing their hair that often) and at first acting surprised
and disgusted at how good the women here look, then starting to preach
their feminist principles and how women should not look sexy etc - not one
woman here listens to them. about being equal and looking like crap, the
women here have an attitude of "been there, done that (during the soviet
times), you're western feminism is child's play compared to the
KGB-macho-military-factory-equal-with-men-and-work-till-you-bleed kind of
women we were forced to be for 70 years, so why don't you just go back
where you came from".

* coming from a soviet background, we are still what is considered
"emerging markets". most people are able to pay their rent and buy food,
but that's pretty much it. and believe it or not, most people have to give
serious consideration to what they can and what they cannot afford when
buying _food_! but what this spells is this - no fat women! there's maybe
1 fat woman for 100 slim women here in estonia (excluding those aged 60
and up though:). and that 1 fat woman is usually born that way and cannot
help it. so not only will you be hard pressed to find someone that does
not take care of herself appearance-wise, you'll also have a hard time
finding a "large" woman... anywhere, be it on the street, in the library,
the club, etc, whereever you'd feel like meeting a woman:)

* there hardly are any "estonians" in estonia any more. the present-day
estonian is more likely a mixture of swedish, danish, finnish, russian,
german, jewish, polish and estonian blood. but do you know what all that
mixing of nations produces? breathtakingly beautiful women:) "swedish"
blondes, "arabic" brunettes, green eyes, blue eyes, curly-haired,
straight-haired, you name it, whetever it is, there's probably one right
behind the second corner:)

tony - The How to Lay Girls Guide


these were just my observations with estonian women, but possibly true
with other eastern-european women as well. by the way, estonians don't
actually like to be categorized "eastern-eruopean" - most probably because
we are not of slavic descent and even prefer to be considered nordic
instead of central-european. I don't mind though:)

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