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Re: looks are more than half the battle with women

mASF post by the1

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Re: looks are more than half the battle with women
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mASF post by "the1"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, September 9, 2000

AFC Destroyer wrote:

> I agree with what u say, my man, but the simple fact is that either u have
> to give her your pic before u meet her or forget the online thing.

I did ;-)

> The way
> I look at it, looks ARE not that important. I'd say I'm a 7.5 to 8 so I'm
> not complaining...but listen to this. I think that if u show them how u
> look and THEN go with the patterning blah blah they will be more receptive.
> Meeting them online isnt good because then they build up this perfect
> picture of u in their minds because of the way u smooth talk :). Then when
> u disappoint them because your not PERFECT, the feel disappointed. See the
> difference? You can only go down in their opinion of u. Otherwise, you can
> only go higher, since the smooth talking comes after the initial meeting.
> Hope that helps...
> the1 wrote:
> > Ok I forgot where i read this, but I'm pretty sure it was in the...
> > "how to lay girls" guide.
> >
> > But anyhow, LOOKS ARE SO IMPORTANT, it's not even funny
> >
> > I consider myself to be somewhere between 7.5-8.5 in terms of looks.
> >
> > Today I met a girl from chat in person, who said she was all that, and
> > NO word of a lie, she took off on me. I mean ya she was attractive but
> > she was no Pamela Anderson like she said she was. She was a 7.5-8, but
> > she asked where the washrooms were and she left me standing.
> > (stupid me had my back turned to the washroom watching the video games,
> > after all we were in a arcade entertainment complex)
> >
> > Point being, my xgf was 1000000000 times better than her and so was the
> > previous X, but obviously i wasn't good enough for her, and the funny
> > thing is, we had a good hour & a half conversation on the phone last
> > night(Sunday) and flirty chat.
> > Got along great, but she didn't like what she saw.
> >
> > (i'm not crushed, but fuck are women ever anal)
> >
> > Life goes on I guess, and talking smooth and knowing how to say things,
> > when to say things & kino are all important aspects, but guys women are
> > picky about what they see, that's a given.
> > [then again so am i -(are we)]
> >
> > peace

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