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Turning into a true asshole

mASF post by PlayboyNZ

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Turning into a true asshole
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mASF post by "PlayboyNZ"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

On 8/15/05 2:57:00 PM, ivk wrote:
>I don't drink at all anymore,
>and even when I did I was
>never a dumb drunk.
>But playernz thats exactly
>whats happening. All I hear is
>complaints from friends that
>girls say I'm a jerk, an
>asshole, but mentally I know
>alot of girls like the cocky
>attitude but I really don't
>know if I'm coming off as too
>much of an asshole.
>Everytime I get the 'jerk' or
>'asshole' comment from a girl
>she really means the opposite
>and she's totally into me. It
>seems like I'm too much of a
>challenge to girls. That
>anything they do doesn't
>impress me at all. If they
>make a comment, I just turn it
>around with a verbal comeback,
>or some type of negative body
>language. It's just you try
>playing the role of that jerk,
>and you totally become it. You
>do it so much that your no
>longer the same person. I dont
>know, I'm just tired of
>doubting whether or not I'm
>playing the role too much. I'm
>just the type of person that
>hates to have people having a
>grudge against me.

It is actually good that it is happening for you. fuck man. if you are not
called a jerk once in your life, that life is not worth living anyway. dude,
you'll learn sooo much later, trust me. surprisingly, friends who thought i'm
rude and a jerk actually wanna hang around me and have drinks with me ...all
sorts of things. This is a phase. let it keep happening. next time you wanna
neg, HINT IT.. for example, if you tell a chick, you know, you could be a model
if you were taller..or if you lost weight( this one got me into trouble) i
might consider you, say it in a way that you are trying to improve their life,
by advising them. with that tonality.

and caring whether ppl have a grudge on you or not, is non alpha, so STOP DOING

best regards...
playboy nz

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