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Field Report: My first field report

mASF post by ACoolGuy

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Field Report: My first field report
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mASF post by "ACoolGuy"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

This is my first field report so I hope I get some good feedback. I arrived at
the club a little later then usual – it is almost midnight and the place is
pretty full. The club has two dance floors, two bars and a wide range of women.
Everything from the standard 6s and 7s to the occasional 3s and 9s. Basically
there is no problem finding good looking targets as long as you don’t expect
them to be supermodels.

I generally stay away from 9s anyway – I don’t like their attitude no matter if
is a protection mechanism or not. Anyway I still has to approach almost
immediately when I get into a club or else I get stuck in a loops of negative
thinking and not approach at all. But when I approach immediately and don’t
wait too long between approaches I am relaxed and outgoing.

So I see a two women standing at a table. One is a 7 and one is a 5. I am not
interested in either of them but they seem friendly and I need to warm-up. So I
go in commenting on the difference in how women and men work clubs, ask them
how many men have approached them today, accuse them of laziness etc. The set
open ups good – they like me but I don’t think they are attracted. I tell them
that I can help them find a guy – just describe their type and I will find the
guy and drag him to them. I use variations of this theme quite often when I am
out. This time it creates amusement and a funny atmosphere – sometimes I have
managed to get attraction from this but it does not seem to work that good
right now. Still they are friendly, none bitchy women and I like them.

The warm-up is finished and I leave them. During the night we bumb into each
other several times, them asking if I found any women to my liking yet etc, me
returning to their table for a brief chat etc. This is actually the first time
I have used a friendly but not sexually interested set as energy lifter in a
club – coming back to them several times. Since I always go out alone I guess
making temporary friends in the club is a good thing to do.

I go to one of the dance floors and dance alone at the scene. Now I am good at
dancing and it is one of my favourite activates so I do this mostly from fun.
But also as a marketing tactic – my looks are average but my guess is that
being a good dancer increases my value to at least some women in the audience.
Anyway, after a while two 9s join me on the scene. I ignore them completely –
they will get no validation from me. After a while they leave the scene and
starts dancing at the fringe of the dance floor. Good – I hate 9s and their
fucking attitude.

After a while I leave the scene. I then see two girls sitting alone in a sofa.
One of them is really super cute – I would say 7+ since she is a bit too thin
for my taste. I approach her with some opinion opener – cant remember which.
Turns out she only speaks English so never understood my question! Then she
asks me in English if I want to dance and shine up like a star when I say yes.
So we go to the dance floor.

Now, this girl is really good at dancing – even better then me. Normally I neg
the girls I dance with but I guess anything should be tried once so I give her
a compliment and ask her if she competes in dancing. I think she misunderstood
my question as if we should compete so she starts to increase the difficulty
level of the dance as do I. Now, we dance pretty close but I don’t grope her as
many of the wannabe naturals on the dance floor seems to do – I think it is
sleazy and desperate. Now we maintain really good eye contact during the dance
and she is super cute. After a while she declares herself the winner, leave me
and go back to her friend.

Now, things like this does not bother me anymore. I leave the dance floor and
start dancing on the scene again. Still I try to analyze the situation
logically – should I go after her again or not? My guess is that she just
wanted to dance nothing more, why else would she have left me? So I don’t go
after her.

Instead I do some more approaches – all involving groups of women since I
almost never see any women standing alone in clubs. Among others I find a 3-set
on which I do more or less the same exact approach I did on the two women that
I first approached when I got into the club – commenting male/female dynamics,
helping them to get guys etc. Now, for some reason it does not work at this
time – I get responses but they are a cold. Which is weird since none of the
women are more then 6s. I just leave them since I don’t want to waste energy on
women why don’t appreciate me.

After a while I see a group of some guys, some women and two women that stand a
bit to the side of the rest of the group. One of the women who is an 8 looks in
my direction. I am trying to figure out is she is sending me some kind of
signal or not. I decide to go in, but just as I am about to go in she turn her
back completely toward me. This pisses me off – I hate it when women think they
are too good for me.

So I go upstairs to the other dance floor. The music they play her is a bit
crappy but it possible to dance to. So I stand alone of the scene. After a
while an 8 comes to the scene and says that she want to dance with me. We
dance, I neg her on her dancing and gives her tips on how she could improve it.
She must have misunderstood what I say since she replies “yeah we could start
give dancing lessons”. Now, why the hell she would think I would give her a
compliment on her dancing which is quite mediocre is beyond me. Here I do a
really stupid mistake which gives the impression that I qualify to her and says
“yeah, I have actually managed to get some money in clubs from teaching people
how to dance”. Now this is actually true, but it comes off a bit weird. After a
while she leave me. Some time later I go home – I have had fun but not actually
achieved that much. I guess this is a typical club night for me.

Now, I suspect that one mistake I make is that I don’t dance physically with
girls. For some reason I have always disliked the sleaziness I associates with
groping a girl on the dance floor. Still since I do spend a lot of time on the
dance floor and I am a good dancer I guess I must sometime try to get the vibe
more sexual instead of just friendly.

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