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mASF post by Shiny_Penny

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mASF post by "Shiny_Penny"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/11/05 4:13:00 PM, TheTruth21 wrote:
>Could you elaborate on what
>you mean by scared? You mean
>like I literally made her
>scared for her life? Or just
>creeped her out. I would
>appreciate it if you could be
>a bit more specific.

Okay, i think you maybe creeped her out a bit. This line was responsible.

"I dont even know why I asked you, you probably dont even do laundry."

A neg hit has to have a compliment in there somewhere, no matter how shrouded.

"I dont even know why I asked you, a pretty girl like you probably doesn't even
do laundry."

An improvement, but not perfect; do you see what i mean?

As I see it it went wrong when you said:

'I smile at her and ask, "Are you sure?"'

The question's far too generalised, maybe something like

'Why; does it feel better against your skin?'

Something like that. She's given a definite answer and SHE knows why snuggle is
best. She's making it your job to find out.

Hope that was helpful!

Shiny Penny

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