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Field Report: Newbie first steps advice welcome

mASF post by Jon King

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Field Report: Newbie first steps advice welcome
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mASF post by "Jon King"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/11/05 4:41:00 AM, JohnnyForms wrote:
>Your line about great eyes and
>lsd, would you use this as an
>opener or just to keep it
>going after opening? Most of
>the sets I was doing were
>girls walking along the street
>so I had to stop them and
>hadn't really had a chance to
>check out their eyes so I'd
>feel a little weird asking
>them that.

Negs fit into the framework in the same place as cold-reads in Doctor Owl's
post ie. in the early part of the set. They will buy you time (just one to
start!). A really nice place for them is half way through your opener, just as
a tangent side thought because it opens up multiple conversation threads.

ie. Can i get opinion? I was just walking and bla bla bla ... hey nice eyes!
Are you feeling okay ... But as I was saying I bla bla bla. Girls usually know
more about this stuff than guys. What do you think?

Then cold read (tell her something 'positive' about her) - You smile a lot.
You're so cute. OMG I hate you! Or neg again if she seems uppity (shyness can
be mistaken for this sometimes).

Continue with next routine - Hey, I wanna show you something. This is called
the trust test, my friend was just teaching me it and I wanna see if it works .
. .

Then get to know her with one of Doctor Owl's “you seem cool, tell me something
interesting about you” lines.

Reciprocate and set up a future activity you could share. ie.
shopping/cooking/x activity. Then close (or venue change and escalate).


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