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Field Report: nice night out(pics)

mASF post by ox

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Field Report: nice night out(pics)
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

(Disclaimer: photos that appear here should be used by masf forum members only
and only used for the illustrational purposes of the post, which means they
are not to be distributed or shared by other sites or people... so use your
fucking common sense and don’t share them or I will have a fucking law suit up
my ass.)

Having said that. I rolled out on saturday. I am taking all the week´s
knowledge into the field. Basically go out and have fun and forget about shit.
Very slow, slow night in my town. Gonna rock it anyways.
I am hoping there are no intrusions from my fb team. I have 4 fb´s fully
operational. 2 of them are out of town on holiday. 1 is working and the fb4 is
from another town. I am working also on converting my last 2 lays into fb´s in
order to stablish some rotation in my team. Hard work guys. Anyway little that
I know that my fb4 will pop up.

First bar:
I spent anywhere between 20 minutes to 45 minutes looking for a decent set to
sarge…and found it finally.

that should tell you how slow the night was. All fuglies and older women.

I found my 2 set and I am hesitating. Fuck. I see 2 afc´s trying to get near
them but don’t have the cojones to open. I see them and their lame intentions.
I go in. and I own the set in milliseconds and they disappear into the night.

I open them with opinion. Then told g-string and they both fly. I am getting
all kinds of giggles. I am talking to the hbcurly and negging the hbbrunette
..hard. I found out that I negged her too hard later. One of my mistakes
recently is that I neg too much therefore piss her off. She shouldn’t be negged
because she isnot 8+ in the first place. Girl was fuckable though, very
After g-string the set is starting to ask for rapport. First question I always
get is where I am from due to my accent. Then I usually follow up with Guess?
And I know all the threads already and I am ready to launch a routine I have
ready for it..or I move into other stuff.
Hbbrunette: where are you from
Hb: x
Ox: no
Hb: x
Ox: no
Hb: tell me already.
Ox: ok. X.
Ox: where are you from? You have an accent too.
They tell they are from the south and that they are medical students.
Ox: you are smart ones.
Hbs: yeah, we are.
Ox: yeah. Cool. I love intelligent cheeks. I am looking for rich ones though.
Hbs: really?
Ox: I wanna quit working and live at home. Be a home boyfriend
Hbs: you are bad. That´s not fair.
Ox: actually I like you guys. You are the nicest girls I have met in the last
10 minutes.(stole this money shit from lb, always gets them laughing.)
Hbs: lol. Ok that means that we suck
Ox: well.
Then hbbrunettes starts asking rapport questions and I misinterpret them as
negs. So I over neg her back.
Ox: why are you giving me such a hard time?
Hb brunette: no. I am just asking.
Ox: ok. You are the police or something.
Hbbrunette shuts the fuck up.
Ox: ok. As I was saying you could be my next girlfriend.
Hbrunette: but I have a boyfriend. Sorry.
Ox: really? Me too.
I switch attention to hbcurly who is giving me kino and the most ioi. I am not
interested in destroying her boyfriend now. I move to hbcurly and I run some
Ox: you could be my next girlfriend. Can you cook?
I push and pull her. Take away a couple of times and she is eating in the palm
of my hand in no time. But we are ignoring hbbrunette who is pissed off as hell
for not getting attention. My mistake was not to befriend her. Always the same.
When am I going to learn?
Ox: hey I like the way you look at me and your eyes and everything. And I think
you look nice. But what do you have going for yourself?
Hbcurly: you are gonna make me blosh.
That ‘s my cue. I am going to make my move…then brunette comes and cockblocks
me again. I neg her and I neg her and buy sometime..then she decides to go to
the toilet and give us some privacy. Cool. I am going 45 minutes into the convo
I fluff her and go for numberclose. She is all for it. Then brunette comes back
and wants to give me her e-mail for the pictures. I say I don’t have a
pen(lie). I just want her to jump through the hoops. She managed to get pen and
paper from waiter. She writes her e-mail and gives pen back. Fuck. The waiter
disappears and I cant get hbcurly phone number. I didn’t push it anyway. She
wants to meet me again and tells me to meet her there next week. I say ok. She
tells me she will send phone number. Cool. She was ddbing at the end. I am
cool. First set of the night and it flies. No sweat.

next I move around. No hot sets. I meet people that know me. Fluff them. Some
girl I knew calls me pimp. No problem. She tells me I am always with a new
girl. She kinoes me and wants dick but it is a nogo. She is fugly. Later baby.
I see my fb3. fuck I thought this was going to be an fbfree night. I talk to
her and she starts introducing me to her group, as in “look, what I got here,
this guy fucks me” kind of thing. I do my social thing. Dhv. Up her value and
Nothing sargeable. Fb wants to go home with me. She is “tired” as in I want
your dick for the night. She starts gaming me. And I say ok “I am gonna check
my buddies in the next bar(lie) and I will be back, stay right here. No sex
tonight ok. I am tired”(standard game for fbs). I go and check other bars for
more sarging and eventually have to go back to fb because it is so fucking
slow. I didn’t sarge much though. Went home and fucked my fb. Naturally.

Learning points
1. got too many fbs. Gotta shrink my team to 2, high quality.
3. friday is slow here.

Rolling, rolling, rolling, ha, ha.

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