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Lay Report: Same Day -- Inner game and why it‘s important

mASF post by true_ace

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Lay Report: Same Day -- Inner game» and why it‘s important
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mASF post by "true_ace"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005


Nothing more than stuff you might chat about with a friend.. Like what I'm
doing right now. What I want to do tomorrow. How I'm feeling. It didn't matter
to me because I treated her like a good friend.

Now you might think that can get boring.. and YOU ARE RIGHT. But it all depends
on how it's coming out of your mouth. They say 90% of all communication is
non-verbal. So is what's coming out of your mouth as important as your body

The greatest thing is I was using ASF material without any knowledge of it. I
was in such a comfortable state it was flowing out of me naturally. As much as
she was qualifying me, I WAS DOING THE SAME. I showed interest in everything
she was talking about by responding with good questions, funny statements, neg
hits.. but I kept it all within my character. I was happy, funny, a little
cocky, kind, sexual..I was everything I really am. I don't need to put on a
front for anyone. I'M THE PRIZE, right?

Again, I showed her what I was about. She liked it. If she didn't, I would have
moved on. There are too many women out there to let yourself get down because
you get rejected by one. Everyone rejects people. You do it all the time.

You never know what you can have unless you give it a try.

Your Man,


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