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mystery not attraction, attraction doesnt exists

mASF post by MidN1GhT

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mystery not attraction, attraction doesnt exists
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mASF post by "MidN1GhT"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

just looking back at my journal of what i was doing right and wrong,i started
thinking that there were some comment themes where i attracted girls
.....usually 8 - 6 set the attraction was off the roof in the a1 but thats
just it it wasnt attraction it was mystery(no pun intended) it was the mystery
of having some guy come up to them and talk to them , 8 girls ,it was like a
neg to all of them that they dont scare me.There eyes would be wide as

But this wasnt the same with 2-3 sets they would often turn the bl away or act
disintrested and shit while i plowed away hoping and praying =).

So it comes as a relief that you have to create mystery
not attraction.

thats why actually direct +indirect work both create intrique -mystery not
ILY opener =who the fuck is this guy =mystery
black nails opener on the groop=who thefuck is this guy who can talk to all of
these stranger about something so stupid=mystery

mystery creates a felling of wanting to connect with the you
actually seek rapport

so she is open for gaming=rapport is the game you should play while creating
sexual tension in the meantime.

what are your thoughts

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