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Big Muscles DHV effect on HBs

mASF post by jettiger

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Big Muscles DHV effect on HBs
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mASF post by "jettiger"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

>Bulking up, at least for me,
>can wait, whilst gaming girls
>live wire

That's what AFCs say. If you want to get really good HBs and not just 7.5 or
8s, then better bulk up. You will be happier than now. Girls will hit on you
themselves and forgive you much more mistakes and stuff like GM lines than to
usual guy!

I am gwonna do it! Now when I tested it out through personal ad!


Here are examples:


HB8 writes to me:
I like you - I like strong men!Wanna come to my city and get to know to me

ME: How close? So close that we could make love?

HB: Oh we are so fast! Why not?
HB: Is that you on pics? I am already melting!

Example No2:

HB9.5 who didn't really have interest in me, now is DLVing saying that she is
not Pamella Anderson (I wrote I seek Pamela :) )

Now she is trying to neg me with:"You overdid it with muscles. but don't be
offended" haha she thinks it will work when other girls are are into me? (I
mean into this guy :) hehe

I wrote back:"Why should I be offended. Does doctor get offended by his
patients? Hahahahaha"

There are also other girls from other cities. But they all are fucking into
bodybuilder type.

I can't change it. I can just build my body, as it can be good in any area of
life, not only in sarge. But also in the street.

I am playing this role very good on Personal AD. And I talk to them like I
don't really give a fuck if they are with me or not. I didn't fill answers for
all questions. Wrote that I am tired telling about myself. And That I seek
Pamella (something that they can't give me :) ) Etc, etc. Imagine you are
bodybuilder, how would you talk to girls?

Reality is not real. We look at everything subjectively.

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