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Field Report: WEd July 27th - I got my ass kicked by an AMOG

mASF post by Vancity_Rockstar

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Field Report: WEd July 27th - I got my ass kicked by an AMOG
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mASF post by "Vancity_Rockstar"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Hey guys,

The night started out great. I met the guys downtown and immediatly began
filming with Ron. I opened 5 sets and they all went pretty well. At first I was
a little nervous of opening on camera but later I loved it. It made me hunt for
sets. It got Stefan and I back into a state that we haven't felt since the
beginning when approaching women was new to us. It was awsome bro... we opened
everything and battled through some funny shit like Ron filming us right in
plain view for example and girls asking 'whats he doing?'!

I made the mistake/great decision of joining a 3 set that Tommy opened. As soon
as their attention was directed towards me FLASH bolted from the set. I knew I
was in for it.....thanks buddy! :p One of them was extremely drunk. She was the
hottest one in the set. Probably an 8 when atleast half sober. She interupted
my routine and
says "you like thin girls? I'm thin...your sexy..." and she starts walking
towards me. She goes to kiss me and I bust her in front of her friends. Finally
I give in and we kiss for a bit and I pull/push her away and immediatly engage
her friends. I look over and I see that she is making out with Docandwriter.
Full on makeout. Hilarious but kind of gross! (By the way Doc, you now have
Syphilis!!! Hahaha).

I # close the drunk girl's friend and we move on.

Later I just sort of stumbled into this set of cute girls. We were walking and
one of the guys tried to open the set with the wheelchair routine. It didn't go
well and the set sort of broke up as they walked down the street. In this set
was about 8 girls, all cute (7+s, a few 8.5s and one 9). Alex (new Alex) was
gaming the 9 so I catch up to the 8.5 There were about 6 tall, thugged out
brown guys walking behind the girls and I assunmed that they were part of the
set. The 8.5 was being engaged by one of the guys that was engaging her in
boring stale questions ("Where you from girl?" etc...). I hear her say North
Van and I immediatly blurt out not thinking "Are you stalking me? Did you
follow me down her from North Van?" and she laughs and walks from the other
side of this guy over to me. YES! IM IN!

A2 ---> IOIs --> A3 ---> # close. Textbook! All the while Tommy and Alex gamed
her friends while we all walked. Great set and good times. This girl is cute
and lives about 2 blocks from my house. CHA- CHING!

We open a few more sets.

Stefan opens this 8 set of cuties. He held them all but then they
all eject except for two, Stefans target and the UG. I engage the ug
for Stefan's set because she was trying to pull her friend away and
of course she couldn't just be no....she had to be the
most boaring person in the world too! Throught the set I was yelling
at Stefan " A3....neg...#close " not only to give him help but to
also get myself out of winging "Mrs. Exciting". It was hilarious
because neither of them noticed me saying shit like DHV and A3

Towards the end of the convo when Stefan was almost closing I was
desperate to drag the convo along a little more. I was saying shit
like 'What do gay cows eat? Crosswalks'...and 'I like that sign over
there...I like the placement of it on the fence. I also like that
tree. It is very green.' I was just rambeling saying anything that
came to mind while watching Stefan out of the corner of my eye
thinking "# close already god damnit...". He got the # and we
carried onwards and ran more sets.

So as some of you may know I ended up getting my ass kicked by a
bunch of punks with batons. I don't really feel like telling this
story but I will for the sake of the lesson I learned: Don't AMOG on
guys that are obviously looking to fight.

So we saw some girls get opened by a guy in a car. Later we went to
ask the girls what the guys in the car said for the purpose of our
own curiousity. This is where shit began to go downhill...

The girls were giving us IOIS an this guy roles in and says 'are
these guys bothering you? Do you want them out of here?'.
I said don't worry man they're not my type...we're just chattin to
The guy says 'do you have a problem man and starts walkin towards
I say to the antagonizer's friends 'whoa whoa whoa guys we are just
chattin to the girls...whats your buddy's problem?'
The guy starts to get into my face and I can sence some serious
hostility so I say 'don't worry man, your cool. We're going to walk
away now. Its all good.'
We walk away and as we are walking he starts to follow me and yells
at me.
I reply to him with 'Dude you are cool, don't worry. Your cool. We
don't want to fight...have a good night' while I continue to walk
He keeps yelling and so I say 'see this guys, he's the alpha male.
Hes the leader of the group. Don't worry man. Your cool. We don't
want to fight.'

At around this time after he tries to kick me in the back he offers
me a handshake as we walk. I decline it beacuse I'm not stupid and I
don't want to get suckerpunched while giving a handshake and I just
say 'listen man I don't want to fight, leave us alone'.

I run up to the bouncers at the Plaza to tell them that this guy is
trying to fight me and this guy says 'what do you want me to do
about it?' and tells me to keep walkin. It turns out that the
bouncer and the guy chasing me are aquaintences.

This guys is still very close behind me almost a block after this
initiated and he was getting very close and hes yelling 'lets go'
and doing all this fancy kung-fu lame ass kicks. He throws a punch
from almost behind me and it lands on my chin. Luckily the guy
couldnt punch.

I snap and react the only way I know how and I fight like I did in
hockey. I grabbed the guy's thick neck chain with my left hand start
getting him in the face with my right hand. I got him good twice
right in the face and this is when I see his buddy in mid swing with
some sort of a stick. It was a batton. Luckily Tommy sort of tried
to stop the guy with the batton from getting to me but he broke
through and I ducked and the guy hit me in the back of the neck and
again on the shoulder. I pulled away from the guy that I was hitting
and I ran away a bit to the near-bye lub where the bouncer let me in
(seccond time is a charm...).

The guy with the batton chased after Tommy and the rest of the guys
ran away. The guy that I was fighting was yelling and chirping at
me. He wanted more but I was too dazed/suprised at what happened to
get him while his friends were gone.

Later we saw him on the street and I let it go. I am not a figher.
Beating his face in would have resolved nothing.

The only thing that I can do is walk away from this expearience and
to never let it happen again. It was my first street fight, I did
well considering and I hope it will be my last. I also want to thank
you Tommy. Even though it could have meant you getting hurt, you
still tried to do something. I was an inch away from being knocked
unconcious with that batton and if that had been the case I knew you
would have been there for me. Thanks brother. You earned a lot of
respect from me. :D

The bottom line is that this AMOGing shit is GOLD as Stefan, Tommy
and I found out earlier in the night. It is so effective.

My mistake was that i kept chirping at the guy long past when the
girls were gone. Once the girls ejected (near the beginning) I
should have realized that I had nothing to prove and I should have
just said 'have a good night' instaed of all that other shit I was
saying to him and he slowly chased me.

You can AMOG a guy to death as long as he is a) alone and b) sane.
This guys was a little wirey to begin with, with four of his little
thug friends and I just brought it upon myself by being a little too

Lesson: Don't get carried away AMOGing. Caliberate just as you would
anything else!

I'm off to ice my neck/shoulder and to consider a trip to the
hospital. This numb tingely sensation i have all down my left arm
can not be good...

Interestingly enough I'm still pumped from the expearience. Now I
know why people love to fight. When I sort of squared off with the
guy after he gave me the cheap shot it was an amazing adrenaline
rush. I have no intentions of doing it again but it was almost and
enjoyable rush for that split second when you had no idea what was
about to happen.

I was winning the altercation and definatly would have gotten the
best of him had it not been for his 'friend' that ran in from behind
me with the batton that got me several times.

Lessons leaned tonight:

a) The Fireworks are AMAZING nights for running sets. So many sets
and so much going on.

b) Don't over AMOG. Caliberate AMONGING.

c) Always be aware of your surroundings. If I had noticed that 1)
all of my friends/wings were small and not fighters 2) there was no
help/cops around nearby and 3) I had no escape route, I probably
would have decided against amoging this guy hard. Furthermore the
fireworks have always had a reputation for having 'hoodlums' that go
around looking to fight. It happens every year... I should have had
this in mind when I ran into these Sons 'of bitches.

d) I'm now learning that you don't need to stay in A2 long as long
as you can generate enough attraction right off the bat.

I gotta admit though guys, I am a little discouraged. We made a
significant effort to go back and open that set of 'car girls'
thinking that it would get us back in state. We didn't have to open
them and I thought 'man I just want to get home to bed but we'll
just do one more set for practice' and that last set almost put me
into the hospital!

I'm off...



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