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7-28 update

mASF post by GoneSavage

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7-28 update
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mASF post by "GoneSavage"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Yesterday I attempted my first Elimi-Date style meet of inviting two girls to
the same place at the same time. These are two girls who don’t know each
other. I was thinking they’d be talking French to each other and start dissing
me or some shit. But damn if it wasn’t fun! These were both professional women
too, 23 and 26. I went home with the younger gorgeous one and it was amazing.
But…I’m certain that the second girl is still interested! Really should do a
LR. Good times.

Shouts back:

Jlaix—Good to be on your radar. Rapport and connection and genuine bonding
takes me far. I tell girls, “The physical act of sex is mere athletics; I need
to make sure you are someone emotionally compatible.”

Papi Chulo—Always good to get your emails. Was there any doubt about the
fountain girl? I’m excited to be a “fucking inspiration.” Be adventurous, be
curious, be excited about life, live the moment, find out what you really want
out of life and what brings you excitement, and go after it wholeheartedly.
Couldn’t have said it better myself. Do all that and find creative way to
convey those traits and characteristics to women.

EffigyC—Scheduling Day2’s and 3’s is a challenge for me because I suck at
planning and patience. My prior lays on this trip have almost all been SDLs
and ONSs. Scheduling is a further challenge here in Montreal because I have to
do everything through email or payphones. I have actually flaked six times in
about four days. Why? I just get caught up in something else. Also, good
observation about how I handled the girl who was verbally rejecting me but
still pursing my company. I’ve FU’ed this one so many times. It is so easy to
eject yourself at the times where it is most important to stay in.

Lowrider—It IS romantic and poetic. She craves this. I’m this seductive
stranger that comes into town just to rock her world. The girl I was with last
night (1st time)-- I insisted we have candles and wine for things to be
perfect, I told her how stunning and gorgeous I found her naked body, we
showered and I washed and dried her, fed her food, lots of massage, I fucking
made the bed in the morning, left her a cute note, etc, etc. Intensely
passionate and romantic. And once I told her that this is the kind of person I
am—I had her tell me that she wanted that kind of man and that she deserved
that kind of man. Fucking bold qualifying, bust especially effective with HSE
alpha girls—my type.

Chaco—I qualify and tease in a playful way. I set expectations. I’m
selectively hard to get. If she plays by my rules and standards she will be
rewarded beyond her wildest dreams and fantasies. I use a fair amount of c&f
to keep the interaction lighthearted and to keep us smiling and laughing
together. Nothing abrasive and nothing with thoughts like “I need to build
attraction.” Negs are good in the context of her peer group. No need to neg
1:1. Give the romantic talk and erotic talk a try sometime.

Iedub—One piece of advice? Man, I spent 4 days writing the LR when I could
have given once piece of advice instead! Ok. Go for what you want with no
excuses and no apology and be true to your self. Sorry I can’t be more cryptic
right now.

Luff—We share experience man. I have extreme sexual confidence. Don’t know how
to convey or teach this. But I know that I have the skill, desire, and intent
to bring her the emotional and sexual experience that will blow her away. And
then some. I offer her this experience in an open, honest, respectful and
discreet way. My agenda is to laugh, smile, enjoy a shared moment, express
mutual adoration, and make her feel like the most beautiful women in the world
for as long as she may be with me.

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