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Field Report: Cheap Thrills With A Candy Necklace

mASF post by parker011

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Field Report: Cheap Thrills With A Candy Necklace
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mASF post by "parker011"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Went out with several PUAs last night. I was determined to get back to a good
place game-wise, because I had an absolutely horrible night on Thursday, where
nothing, not one set, opened at all and I was unable to last more than 2
minutes in set. This is in stark contrast to same-night lays of SHB strippers
& cheerleaders. I had been spending lots of time with FBs and Day 2’s and
stuff like that for the last month or so and I really wanted to turn things

My goals were to go beyond my favorite Lesbian Wedding opener and try other
things: neg openers, other opinion openers, stuff like that. I wanted to avoid
fluff talk and get into rapport quickly. I think it went reasonably well.

My points of flair for the evening were my bright white & pink shirt (mostly
unbuttoned), big belt buckle, and candy necklace.

I arrive at the first venue and meet up with Dmitri-G. I pretty much went
right to work on a 2-set of HB8s at a table. I commented on this girl’s purse,
saying it looked like popcorn glued to a regular handbag. Not in a neg way,
more of a neutral conversation-starting way. I call it a confused opener,
something about her has got me confused and I want to ask her about it. This
got me in, and I started asking how they know each other, they commented on my
candy necklace, reasonably good fluff & some rapport talk. My BL was really on
and I was hooked in the set. I decided to get Dmitri-G and a drink and come

So we did, Dmitri-G stood between the girls facing one while I faced the other.
Excellent isolation technique. So, with the HB8 I went into rapport by saying
“shake my hand.” I then analyzed her handshake. I then ran Strawberry Fields
(which she loved) and she volunteered to read my palm. All along she was
responding well to my kino and returning it a little. It appeared that
Dmitri-G was just about finishing his conversation with the other HB and wanted
to go to a different part of the bar. I decided to #close my HB8. She
mentioned a boyfriend but I just waved my hand and said “I don’t care about
your boyfriend.” Her facial expression leaned toward DDB as I showed
aggressiveness and a forward demeanor that her boyfriend probably lacks. I got
the number and went back and joined Dmitri-G.

As usual, Dmitri-G was in a set. So I was solo. I really dislike spending
more than a few minutes between sets if I can help it. So I jumped right in
and opened various girls, nothing seemed too great until I came upon a 2-set,
both HB9s. Another confused opener: “Is your necklace made out of candy?”
(One of the HBs’ necklaces looked like Twizzlers.) Her answer was of course
no, and after some brief busting on that, because mine was made of candy, I
back turned. Then after a minute or two all three of us were facing the bar
side-by-side, and the following exchange happened:

Parker: Did you…was that you?
HB9NoNecklace: What?
Parker: That was you, you just grabbed my ass!!
HB9NoNecklace: No, that wasn’t me, maybe it was the girl who walked by!
Parker: It was totally you. I can’t…whatever, you know what, it’s OK, don’t
worry about it.
HB9NoNecklace: No, I swear, it wasn’t me, it really wasn’t…
Parker: OK, look, you know what, whatever, I’m just, whatever.

(I acted really really offended, I put my hand up and back turned and walked a
few steps away to order my drink.)

Here’s where I think I messed the set up. I got my drink, then I immediately
went back to game the girls without waiting. And I used the wrong re-opener.
I went back about 1 minute later and re-opened with fluff talk. What I should
have done is try another set or two and come back later on to the HB9s with
“OK, I want to talk to you again, but not till you apologize for grabbing my
ass.” But no. So after about 1 minute, they wished me a good night and walked
off. But my state was not thrown off! This is a good thing.

As soon as they walked off I noticed a SHB9.5 next to me, a real hottie.
Really nice tan, brunette, great boobs, fantastic body, etc. She is with two
UGs. I open with a neg, really my standard neg: “you know, your bag does not
match your shoes at all.” She gets offended by it, but I keep my frame. I
bust her on the mismatch for a few minutes and do a little bit of fluff talk.
Then I eject. I think I really threw her off. But I re-open the set later.

After dancing with a few girls for a while, I decide to go to a cooler spot in
the bar. I was really sweating. So I go toward the back. And I see a really
hot SHB9.5 sitting on a stool. We have a little EC and I slowly head on over.
Then I notice that it was the same SHB I delivered the neg to 30 minutes
earlier. Well, time to re-open.

Parker: Hey, how are we doing?
SHB9.5: OK thanks
UGFattie: You’re the guy who insulted my friend!
Parker: Oh yeah, the non-matching bag. Hey, no offense there, I was just
trying to start a conversation.
UGFattie: Interesting way to break the ice, with an insult!
Parker: Well, think about it, every guy here is the same. (I do an impression
of the lame guys) I have got to find a way to stand out! So I insult the
girls I like. Plus I also know a thing or two about women’s fashion, I worked
in the field for a while.
SHB9.5: I can see what you are saying. Truce? (She offers her hand to shake

The girls seem to agree with my logic. We discuss my career (which is actually
a pretty exciting and different career). I befriend the entire set, the UGs
along with the SHB. I vibe with the SHB, a little C&F, rapport, etc. I let
one UG even take a bite of my necklace. I always explain the two rules when a
girl asks for a bite: First, you have to ask nicely and say please. Second, no
hands :) Got to set conditions for them, hoops to jump through to get your

It is the SHB9.5’s turn to buy beers so she walks off. I decide to open
another set about 15 feet away. 2 set with an HB9 and an HB7.5. I open with
Lesbian Wedding. The opener goes OK, but I run into another problem I have
been having with Lesbian Wedding—I can’t get past it. It is such an
interesting subject that after the opener I have a hard time transitioning.
Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. All the more reason to use more openers
tailored to each situation, which is exactly what I was doing this night.

I find Dmitri-G, who is about to open a 2-set of HB9s. I join in, but at least
for me the set goes nowhere. Dmitri-G sticks around with his chick while mine
goes and finds her other friends. I decide to re-join the SHB9.5 and her UGs.

After a few more minutes, they invite me to venue change with them. I figure,
I had already opened a dozen sets or more here, so why not go somewhere else.
Plus I had not been to this bar. The SHB9.5 did make it clear that she had a
boyfriend. I figured, I could close despite him (he was working at a different
bar) or have the social proof to open more sets or use the SHB as a pivot

So we head to this other bar. Of course the fattie wants to eat, but she got
outvoted by the rest of us. So fat, and she smokes. We get to the other bar
and immediately a HB9 opens me on the candy necklace. I let her have a bite
after explaining the rules. She sucks on my neck for about 30 seconds trying
to get as much candy off as she can. Then her boyfriend shows up. I
immediately befriend the guy. He seems like a decent person. I then start to
game another HB, an 8.5, who was part of her group. So after some fluff talk
with her, I just stalled out. A little frustrating, but it does not prevent me
from asking for the number in my usual way. But this one has a boyfriend too.

I think in every set I opened this night, the girl had a boyfriend. I think it
is a cultural thing around here, if you don’t have a boyfriend you are nothing.
I really do. Lots of girls here are married before they even turn 21. Anyway,
I tell her, “whatever” and give her a fuck-off look, as if she just wasted my
time, and go find the SHB9.5 and her UGs to say good night.

I head out on the street to go back to the first bar, and I see two HB9s
sitting on a stone fence. Very scantily dressed, it was very nice. I just go
over to them and say, “you’re just sitting here on a fence?” Apparently they
were locked out of their house and they were waiting for their house-mates to
come pick them up. So we chat for a while. Again I could not get past fluff

But one HB starts asking about the candy necklace. She asks for a bite. I
tell her the rules, she complies, so she stands up and gets a bite. Then the
other one wants a bite. So she asks nicely and she stands up and gets one too.
Then both ask for a bite at the same time. So I tell them both to ask nicely,
and so then I’ve got two girls sucking on my neck at the same time. So this
goes on for a few more bites, I am having a grand old time, two HBs, both
taller than me in heels, bending over and sucking my neck. Soon the
house-mates arrive and we say good night.

Now it is past closing time so I meet up with the other PUAs out on the street,
we do some street game. DmitriG ends up pulling. So Rawkstar and Jman and I
de-brief our nights, and I don’t get home till 5:30 am. Good time for sure.


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