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Field report from mcmaax- Awesome night of sarging

mASF post by McMaax

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Field report from mcmaax- Awesome night of sarging
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mASF post by "McMaax"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Hey so I was tell you guys last time, that each time I go out, I want to push
the envelope and do things that really put my balls on the line. My mindset is
hey this is just an experiment to see how far I can take my interactions with
women, how quickly. I'm putting all of my pride on the shelf. I'm an aspiring
PUGuru and one day will teach so I want to just practice without any attachment
to the outcome. So anyways me and my wing go to the bitchy club district and
here is what me and him both do.

We just grab girls hands and say "Hey. (pause) look at a seductive ,
playful way" come here I wanna talk to you"

They always come. I think only 1 chick out of 10 didn't , cuz she was a
drunken' party chick who we could have done without anyways.

Also, me and my wing would laugh and have a good time, and then stick out our
hands and get hi fives from women. They loved it. also it was much easier to
hold her hand after the hi five and then draw her to you becuase the hi five
already broke the ice and assumed Rapport between the both of you.

SO basically

Hi five her, grab her hand, hold it, guide her to you and game her.

Another thing I did today which I didn't do was to neg hit hot girls in a very
tongue and cheek, funny ass manner

Like I was saying to this hottie number 1 to shut her hole and let her
girlfriend talk, cuz I want to hear what she has to say first. Sha was like in
a daze and became attracted to me, cuz no one put her in her place in a funny
way like that.

I also played with her hair during the whole time(kino, kino, kino--very
important guys and gave her advice on the color(IVD=instant value demo))

THey ejected as they were with boyfriends.

So what I have learned is that thisL

Walk into any club district, club , mall as you are the mother f'n pimp, owner
of that place and these people are your kids or patrons.

You are da man.
These women want only ME ME ME

I had this hardcore belief today and that translated into confident, non
chalant mindset, indifferent attitude and playful attitude that made me do all
of these ballsy shit, like holding her hands, grabbing her by the hand and
saying come here and pulling her to me, playing with her hair, saying' hey
dork, where did you get those stale azz grandma shoes from, and if you do or
say something with powerful and authority without apology, she will buy it.

I also tried this line:

Look I know you are probably getting approached with guys drooling beer trying
to buy you drinks, impress you, get down your pants or saying' "MY GODESS you
are so beautiful, please give me a chance, but see I am used to the company of
beauitufl women so I wanted to see what else you had going on for you besides
looks. then screen/accept her once she bites the bait.

I tried this on an average set, so it didn't fly too well. Cuz they knew they
aren't godesses. Next time I will try on super hot girls. I think it will put
the frame that I select and date and am used to super hot biatches. Any

SO BE CONGRUENT with what you do or say

Now my last set was MONEY

Two cute philipinios

My friend opened with what color do you think my frined should dye his hair.
Our other firiend. Her friends was walking away, so I went up to her, grabbed
her by the hand in a prince charming way and said. Come here babe, the party is
here, not all by yourself silly. Look we need a FULL PANEL opeinion.

SO they say blonde.
I then say hey you guys remind me of Daisy and Bunny. two imaginary
slut and anti slut characters from LA that I have screen writen as part of my
routines and I say that Daisy who is adventurous likes blonde hair and has it,
where as bunny is more convservative likes brown. and has browns. and for you
guys to have chose blonde hair for my friend, you must be wild. You guys are
bad. LOL they are eating this up. I then say to the one, give me your hand. I
take it and then say no way, I can't ...SHe is like what, tell me. I'm like you
have a very unusal energy about you, you are a bad girl. You are a flirt. Her
firiend says OH MY GOD< so true. I'm like see. Then I say give me your palm.
she obliges. I start to look at it and then push it away and say. You are a
very bad girl. At this time, she is begging me to read her palm. I say. wait I
will ready it , but I'm hungry. let's all to go the domino's pizza grab a bite
and then I will eat it. THen they are shit testing me and asking if we are
tring to pick them up. I reframe and say women are sexual predators not guys. I
just want pizza. why are you eveni thinking aboutpick up, are you girls trying
to pick us up. LOL! look i'm more than a sausage with fee okay. They are
laughing. I also say that women are the only sex with an organ designed for
sexual pleasure and that if a woman breaks up with her man, she can strap on
bitch boots and devil horns and pVC and go into a club and get 100 men. Guys
can't You guys are all predators. so if we go for pizza you better behave . See
I'm reframing their concern that we are pickin them up to them trying to take
advantage of us. They at this time are so into us, and I say
to the girl who asks me if I have a cigarette , I say no, but yu can use your
body to get a smoke for both of us from one of these nice guys. Look I say to
my firneds. my first Richmond street HO, who is working the track to get me my
motherfuckin' cigarette. That is a good ho. and I gave her a hug. I then say,
but I like your sister two, and hug her and call her my new filipino
girlfiriend and they are like omg you are soo cute. Then the chick gets a call
from her BF and that is it. LMR. and they eject. But great attraction game I
was running guys. Derek you would have been proud.


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