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Breaking the Anti-100% barrier, Testing girls.

mASF post by gamespitter

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Breaking the Anti-100% barrier, Testing girls.
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mASF post by "gamespitter"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/20/05 7:47:00 PM, Legion5 wrote:
>If she's Dominant, NEG
>HER!/Bust on Her.
>If she's a bitch, in a funny
>way, point out that she
>probably doesn't get along
>with girls well, and they
>treat her like crap./Have a
>your a bigger loser war
>If she's funny, be FUNNIER
>back/Propose Marriage Kids and
>a Divorce
>If she's a slut, This tells
>you how you need to game her.

So do you always use that opening line? I mean if she hears you say it to
someone else first and you reuse the line on her then she'll think you're the
biggest dork ever. Anyway I don't even understand what you're asking us. Yes
it's good to figure out what kind of girl she is quickly so you can adapt
accordingly and yeah your line would probably work often although every so
often some loser girl will get openly offended and I suppose you can make fun
of her for being so sensitive. The problem with your question though I think
is that it doesn't narrow down the possibilities of her personality quickly
enough. But I could definitely see the line working well if you play it off
like you just got done dealing with some ridiculous bitch. Field test it some
more and I might even try it (seems like more of a party or club line anyway
and the more faded everyone is the better it works LOL). Get back to us on how
well it keeps working...

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