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A thought on 10s...

mASF post by ox

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A thought on 10s...
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

regardless of the chick, i would go with mystery┬┤s...for the first part of the
interaction until i calibrate what type of chick she is...again i havent laid a
10 yet so i can only speak for the 9's and 10's(very few) i have sarged. again
i agree with rj in that no chicks are the same. they come in all shapes and
sizes. it is true that a 10 should be rated by behaviour...and looks of course.

if the chick is hse, she can take a few negs, no problem. like mystery said,
neg first because you are gonna be negged in no time. so it is better get there
first and strike the first blow, again, a neg is not a negative comment, a neg
should reflect positively on you as a sofisticated person, then jump into
qualifying and rapport first chance you have, because you wont have many.
these chicks are extremely hse in general and waste no time with chumps. better
have your shit together when you approach them. no room for error.


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