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Breaking the Anti-100% barrier, Testing girls.

mASF post by Legion5

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Breaking the Anti-100% barrier, Testing girls.
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mASF post by "Legion5"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I've found recently on average, some days are better than others for picking up
girls, but for the most part there seems to be a success barrier around 40%
Pick Up - Girlfriend.

You hit on 10 girls with any Technique you'll get maybe 4 to be in a ltr of

I think you guys agree.

This is true for most guys.


I think I know why too. There are 3 basic archetypes for personality, and these
are present in women as well.

For the most part I think they can be divided into the following:

Loser/Top of the Food Chain Girl

Bitch/Non Bitch

Funny/ Not Funny

promiscuous/Non promiscuous

That gives us 16 types of girls, but really we're only concerned with a FEW.

Here's what they are:

If she has low self esteem.

If she's a Bitch.

If she's funny.

If she's a girl player


Now additionally there are 2 types of bitches.

The Nice Bitch, and the Mean bitch.

The mean bitch is your average bitch. The Nice bitch, is the movie star that
preforms charity work and is polite, and seems like the perfect girl.

I've actually found both are bitches on the inside, look at their actions.

The nice bitch will always let a guy down easy who wants to sleep with her and
still likes assholes, even though she is soo nice. It's fake.

I can't talk about this too much as I'm still trying to figure it out, and that
would poison my exactness but keep that in mind.


Now the key to this is what I like to call the anti-neg.

I've come up with one, but I need a few more, the idea is it will tell you what
type of girl she is, so you can adjust accordingly your approach.

This one is an opener, and I haven't developed approaches for all the
combinations, mainly because some of them are more rare in hot girls let's say
than others.


Here's what it is, the opener goes like this:

"You're not one of those annoying whores are you?"

Possible responses go like this:

No, are you a fucking cock sucker? Meaning: Slut,Funny,Bitch, Dominant

Who the fuck gave you permission to ask that question/How dare you? Meaning:
Slut, *Not Funny*, Bitch, Dominant

No, I wouldn't do that Meaning: Not a Slut, Not Funny, Not a Bitch, Not

Yes Meaning: Neither Slut Not Non Slut, Funny, Not a Bitch, Dominant


and here's your answer key:

If she's Dominant, NEG HER!/Bust on Her.

If she's a bitch, in a funny way, point out that she probably doesn't get along
with girls well, and they treat her like crap./Have a your a bigger loser war

If she's funny, be FUNNIER back/Propose Marriage Kids and a Divorce

If she's a slut, This tells you how you need to game her.


Keep in mind use the above to defuse the result, if necessary, because that's
what will work.

Also, this works best as an opener, there is no use using it on a girl you
already have, because you've already defused all her bitchy characteristics and
made her enjoy herself.

This has been field tested, and worked well BUT I haven't come up with the plan
until now, initially i just used it to tell me something about the girl and
screen out personality traits and ways of reacting that I didn't like, or more
precisely had trouble dealing with at the time.

Then I figured out how to deal with each of them and that's where this comes


This is part of the 100% success project, and I think the key is testing women
to know what to do, instead of just knowing what works in a very GENERAL sense.

My 2 Cents, what do you guys think?

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