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Field Report: My first field report

mASF post by ultimatum

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Field Report: My first field report
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mASF post by "ultimatum"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

>I generally stay away from 9s
>anyway – I don’t like their
>attitude no matter if is a
>protection mechanism or not.

If you dont like the 9s at least you can have some fun with them (negs). It's
still good practise.

>Anyway I still has to approach
>almost immediately when I get
>into a club or else I get
>stuck in a loops of negative
>thinking and not approach at
>all. But when I approach
>immediately and don’t wait too
>long between approaches I am
>relaxed and outgoing.

Really good idea. I must try this too, since I do get stuck often in this way.

>Good – I hate 9s and their
>fucking attitude.

Again. :)

>Now, I suspect that one
>mistake I make is that I don’t
>dance physically with girls.
>For some reason I have always
>disliked the sleaziness I
>associates with groping a girl
>on the dance floor. Still
>since I do spend a lot of time
>on the dance floor and I am a
>good dancer I guess I must
>sometime try to get the vibe
>more sexual instead of just

How do you expect to get any kino if you dont even touch her?

I'm the opposite of you, a poor dancer, but I do a lot of kino while dancing.
For me, the purpose of dancing is not to dance, it's to get as much kino as
possible and thus to establish attraction.

A week ago I opened a HB7 from a 2set just by asking her: "You want to dance?".
It was just boring in the club, no HBs that I really liked, so I just did it
for fun.
She said "OK" so we danced for about an hour or so without any verbal contact.
Just dancing and lots of kino. It was fun and I just love how the AFCs in the
club stare at me jealously.

Of course, I did get some IOI before I asked her. ;)

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