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Negative vs. Positive Frame

mASF post by evolution88

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Negative vs. Positive Frame
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mASF post by "evolution88"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

Lately I have been noticing an interesting phenomenon. Specifically it’s two
types of frames – negative and positive. Interestingly enough both lead to
great results.


The basic frame is: “I fucked hotter chicks and you bitch should happy that I'm
even talking to you.” These types of players are highly competitive, AMOGing
left and right, very tight attraction game (they can spark attraction in almost
every set but eject too fast) based on indirect and routines but have trouble
with building comfort, in fact they think comfort is gay, but are have a very
strong frame and are congruent with their personalities. They get blown out
regularly. They can’t socially vibe because they always feel like they need to
control the frame, they have huge ego and can’t just chill and be laid back.
They can fake many things and flip the switch so that the girls are chasing
them. Even though they are not consistent and get a lot of flakes, they lay 9s
and 10s. Their main tool is buying temperature, C&F, cutting threads and negs
and they run many short sets when they sarge. They use very little KINO and the
girls usually KINO them first. They attract certain type of girls that are
usually party chicks, strippers etc. They don’t usually have a big social
circle and dump most of the girls along the way. They are also obsessed with
their looks, clothing, style etc. They constantly seek validation and they feel
the need to control other people in order to get validation. They game many
girls just for the sake of gaming them and not because they’re attracted to
them. Overall, these people are assholes, have many issues in their lives and
don’t give a shit about anybody and if you don’t give them the validation they
seek they wanna fight you.


The basic frame: “I'm a cool guy and I will bring positive experience to every
social interaction and the girls have feel connection that enriches their
lives”. That's why they very rarely get blown out because they always bring
positive energy to the interaction. These people then have huge social circle
and are cool to hang out with because they are not obsessed with neging,
cutting threads, controlling the frame all the time and AMOGing guys to get
validation – they actually befriend the guys. They know how to use all the
tools like C&F to spark attraction but they strong points are mid game –
rapport and comfort. They know what they want and the type of girls they are
attracted to and get consistent results. They run 1-2 sets a night and have
very low flake rates. In general these people have their lives together and
enjoy their life to the fullest. They use direct approach and own stories to
transition from attraction to rapport. They know how to use routines
effectively but don’t feel the need to. Their sarges are smooth and lower
energy. They don’t feel the need to control the frame or seek validation, they
know when it’s time to lay back and let others control the frame, but they
always lead the interaction forward and escalate. They use lots of KINO and
through out the night build high social proof within the venue. They know how
to vibe and people are naturally drawn into their frame.

Both frames lead to great results. Even if the negative frame might seem like
it’s missing many things I have seen it work really well in the field. Many
people are somewhere in between. Moreover, many people push themselves into the
negative frame and are convinced that’s the way to bang 9s and 10s but they are
just not congruent with it. It’s great to learn from the asshole type players
but ultimately you should move into the positive frame.


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