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Balancing Value

mASF post by live wire

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Balancing Value
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mASF post by "live wire"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Hey buddy! Good to see an adelaide PUA on this board! I used to live there, but
moved to Sydney this year. Went back to adelaide last month and gamed up london
tavern, heaven, the grand, shenanigans.

Btw, lonhro... inspired by the champion horse yeah?

On 8/11/05 10:22:00 PM, Lonhro wrote:
>Common sense: Some people just
>don't have any. If you have no
>common sense you interpret
>using C&F as being downright
>insulting. A wing of mine (who
>shall remain nameless) last
>night went up to a 2set with
>this ridiculous mentality and
>basically just put them down.
For sure... its gotta come from the frame of having fun, Cnf is fun for BOTH
you and her.

>The worst part about
>it was he put it down to
>"couldn't get through their
>bitch shield."
yeah, I met a sydney guy like that. He creates, in his own head, that chicks
have bitch shields... when really, if you roll into a set with tight enough
body language and the right level of energy, all but the HOTTEST girls will

>Use your common sense guys -
>C&F and negs are supposed to
>be used with a 'tongue in
>cheek' attitude not as a
>downright insult.
Exactly... we adelaide guys know this shit ;)

>When a girl
>laughs and playfully slaps you
>and says "Oh you're such and
>asshole" then you've done it
>right. If she looks at you
>like you've just killed her
>dog and says "You're a fucking
>asshole" then you'll be going
>home for a date with your smut
Mmmm smut collection....

>Balancing Values: This is
>something which I think I've
>always sub-consciously known
>but never quite been able to
>put my finger on. If you
>imagine you and your target
>both have different Values on
>a scale of 0-10. 0 Being
>homeless beggar and 10 being
>Rockstar. It's my experience
>that if your value is at
>around about the same level as
>hers, you have a perfect
>platform to start seduction.
True... but if not, you can CHANGE your value level... like last night, I gamed
this 4... just outta curiosity if I could LOWER my value enough for her to be
interested... if I had run my normal game, she woulda been blown out within

>*Note for people lacking
>common sense: Social value
>itself will not get you a face
>full of vagina..*
Not always... but with horny drunk chicks... yes.

>...I digress, the good thing
>for us is, when first meeting
>someone this value scale is
>very volatile and will
>stabilize with time. I think
>maybe this is where the saying
>"First impressions last" comes
Thats why being congruent right from the start is so KEY.

>What does this mean for PU? If
>you can level your value early
>on in the piece, her
>impression of your value will
>stabilize in time and hence,
>you increase your chances of
>PU exponentially.

>So there you have it. I guess
>my point is understand why you
>use the techniques you do in
>the initial stages of PU and
>learn to use them properly...
>Just some realizations I've
>had from reading this board
>and the interactions I've had
>in the field.
Hey man.. where u been gaming in adelaide? I love london tavern when I come
back to adelaide, gotta game that whole place, ESPECIALLY those HOT bartenders!

Enjoy buddy,

best of luck

A teenage PUA-to-be let loose, gaming on the streets and in the bars of Sydney?
You UGs better get out of my way, and you hotties better watch out!

live wire

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