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Lay Report x 3: Montreal: Trois beautées en une seule journée

mASF post by kitkatman

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Lay Report x 3: Montreal: Trois beautées en une seule journée
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mASF post by "kitkatman"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

always important to parralel park flawlessly with chicks. I guess if you fuck
up a good thing to do is "I am so distracted right now, thinking about what
kind of a connection we could make, I mean you're sending me this wierd
vibe...bla bla..."

<“Faire l'amour à trois beautées éclatantes en l'espace d'une seule journée
épatante.” >

wow i have no clue how i came up with this, it makes me laugh as i read this.
rhymes too well for my peotry skill level. fluke.

you know, I read your past LR's yesterday, and I now see what you went through,
maybe you can confirm/correct my thinking. I think that through this trip and
maybe also the seminar, you basically realised that women want to be fucked,
and you have to convey to them that you are the one who will fuck them well,
and while C&F, negs, playing hard to get, logistics and all the rest of it is
important, you basically need to use BL, EC, and words to convey that you want
to take her on an adventure, that you will be in control of that adventure, and
that she better not miss out on it.

-not being shy about it, conveying sexual state
-being totally honest
-fuck her

am i close?

Another thing: GoneSavage clearly loves women and is a positive and expressive
guy. I know many others over here (including myself) also do. I have many
female friends and I always help them with their problems in life, I always
make them laugh, i'm there to make them smile when they are sad etc....
Now, I think that so far my PU attempts have come into conflict with my love of
women, whereas GS basically merges the two. He says: "I love you for the women
that you are and therefore I wanna give you this experience", whereas most of
us say: "you are my target because you are an HB8 or HB9, so I'm gonna fuck you

"I must get her"
"she's a target"
"It's a war"
"It's a challenge"
"she doesn't want me"
"I have to trick her"

A lot of this has to do with the perception that women do not want to be
fucked, but that's not true. They do. society tells them that they arn't
allowed to let themselves be fucked but if you make an effort and get a
fuckable chick, it's doable, and we should be doing it The GS way: guy PLUS
girl, not guy VERSUS girl.

GS told me that he sometimes doesn't know what/if he's teaching the community.
Well this lesson is a good one. And maybe we can incorporate thatinto our frame
when we approach a girl. It may make you a bit less cocky, but if you got the
cockiness and confidence built in you, maybe it's ok to go down to 3rd or 4th
gear to allow the guy+girl mentality to enter the frame as well.

ok, bed time,

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