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mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

It's the difference between 'liking' game and being 'serious' about it, like a
true professional.

I HAVE to have all areas of my game down, as I imagine TD to as well. There
are people that will be watching my ass in set and like a true performer, I
want to deliver a good piece of art.

Treat it like a profession, become more serious and results will definitely
follow. Act as if you are working for a boss and he REQUIRES you to deliver in
these areas.

Like ijjjji said, I would like to add in that I have been opening with a neggy
C&F, sometimes environmental and relevant to them. Then I follow with a total
full set of cocky and funny with pacing and GM. Then I escalate naturally like
it's nothing to me. Yes, I prod with negs and play with the emotions and
buying temp. This is my standard MO and it works beautifully. I throw in any
number of other things, but I like spontaneous C&F in set, it's improvised
comedy, they join in, it's pacing everyone's every day beliefs and I often make
a note of what I am doing during sarge.

It's hard to master, but that's how I have pushed the envelope for kicks in the
best game you can possibly engage in period. I LOVE THIS GAME.


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