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I Need Help Creating a Frame in the Early Stages

mASF post by Joe R Walker

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I Need Help Creating a Frame in the Early Stages
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mASF post by "Joe R Walker"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, July 7, 2005

First off I would like to congratulate Franco on his wearing a penguin suit and
taking the long walk. I like what he says about fatherhood and look forward to
comments he has as it becomes more pertinent.

This is long but I had to write it this way for me. I need advice as requested
at the end. I know that this is a bit short term to be considered a
relationship but it qualifies according to the posting guidelines and I have
really learned to appreciate the regular contributors in this section. Others
are welcome also.

I have felt like I have been getting the grasp of many of the mASF principles
but I knew that the real test would be when I hooked up with a real hot woman.
A toast to the blessed day! To draw a short description: She is very sensuous,
has a professional job which requires a lot of schooling and is beautiful but
uses very little makeup and dresses simply. She is “spiritual” and has some
kind of moral code that on the surface does not fit with her wild sexual past.
This might be typical I am just learning you know. That is part of the problem.
I am in over my head with someone this experienced.

We met through mutual friends who gave me a lot of social proof. Our first

Walker: I have heard a lot about you.
HB: I have heard a lot about you too.
W: I heard you were beautiful and rich and very, very easy.

The beautiful and what her job was were the only things I had heard but I have
been blessed with a perceptive imagination. She looked surprised and laughed
and started right into a conversation. Later I told her it was a qualifier to
see if she had a good sense of humor.

Things went along fairly well and I managed to throw almost unintended negs at
her in a real playful way. (Kiss her for the first time and then barrow her a
toothbrush a few minutes later. Then deny the implication.) We are in a
beautiful mountain setting and I escalated kino as we went along. I made one
blunder in saying “I need to go do xzy. You can come or if you need to do
something else we can catch up later.” She started to bow out when I realized
how stupid I was being. I am supposed to set the frame and I had just told her
we needed to separate. So I just overrode her comments and said “Never mind
lets just go,” and led her away.

By evening we were watching the stars on the tailgate of a truck, she said in a
less than approving voice, “I feel like I am back in high school.” I caught
this little test quick and replied, “I know aint it great.” I could almost see
her change it from a negative to a positive in her mind. Gave her her first
orgasm right there a little while later. Two more after moving to a still open
but more comfortable location.

We make arrangements to meet the next weekend. Is it still a day 2 if you have
already fucked? I have a real nice reception waiting for her when she arrives
and after some good rapport we head for bed. I can’t keep an erection but make
it clear that this is one of the ways that I make what would be a weakness into
a strength. If I am to “emotional” then foreplay becomes an end in itself. She
has so many orgasms she loses count and I get a real fine one late in the

Okay so I will admit it a lot of the above is just about plain ass bragging. I
mean it is true but you may not have had to be drug through it all. On the
other hand it sure makes for a damned fine memory! The story gets tougher from

I had planned to go to eat with some friends the next night and go out to a
redneck club. When we got there one of the friends of a friend started hitting
on her. He tossed some ice at her under the table and I tossed some back at him
so he knew I knew what he was up to, but she really started to flirt with him
big time. I didn’t want to over react but I was just about ready to start
saying what a cute couple they would make and suggest they make babies together
when she said something to the fact that I should not be leaving her alone when
other guys were flirting with her. I had been dancing with other friends and
etc. So just moved over in between the two of them and gave him the look. He is
kind of a shy guy and I think it had gone farther than he had planned it to and
was feeling a little chagrined. It not a good thing to be known for this type
of thing among your friends.

A few minutes later my tall HB says to me, “Do you think your man enough for
me?” I had not felt many real shit tests up to know but this one was the real
thing. I just smirked and looked away, gave it a second to let it be known I
wasn’t impressed, then said “How have I done so far?” I could see the memory of
some screaming pulsing fits come up in her eyes and she said as much.

But the magic was gone. I was feeling strung out with little sleep and some
alcohol and things slipping out of my fingers. When we got home it was early
morning we snuggled a little but went to sleep. When we got up the mood was
still down and it took me a while with the help of a couple horses to bring it
back up.

She wanted to go shopping and I saw the double bind it would put me in. I wont
get to see her again for some weeks and if I wont go with her I look like the
typical guy who is afraid of a woman in a clothing store, on the other hand if
I go I look like I am supplicating just to please her. I went but I don’t think
I managed to reframe it as well as I should.

When she left we kissed and for the first time since the day before there was a
sexual vibe. I had tried to reintroduce it before but it did not fly.

Since then I have had to control oneitus real bad. That is probably pretty
stupid to but I am human. I have a suggestion for you guys concentrate on some
of her negative traits keep her off the damned pedestal! I talked to her once
and it turned into a therapist kind of convo. I knew I shouldn’t but I suckered
right in.

Okay guys I can learn some good shit from this chick. I was raised in a
conservative environment, where most women play the good girl routine and I
don’t know exactly how to handle this type. Some of you who have dealt with an
intelligent experienced woman help me set a frame.

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