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Re: Fuck Up Report: ahh.. russians! - ANALYSIS -

mASF post by dimitri_grem

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Re: Fuck Up Report: ahh.. russians! - ANALYSIS -
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mASF post by "dimitri_grem"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

There are several russians that I have gamed in San Diego,
and North Carolina, best results were achieved by major and congruent negs.
Some american born PUA such as Jackass pulled those negs well on the russian
And of course, dominance (not arrogance) is a must.
There is a grain of truth about social groups, but those chicks who are in
these groups usually are insecure.
Secure russian chicks do not hang out exclusively in russian social groups and
have no problem bringing americans in these groups.
So if you want to go for a quick (2-3 dates) lay, you should not care abut
those groups.

Best of luck,

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