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Lay Report: HB9 is moving in

mASF post by So_Cute

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Lay Report: HB9 is moving in
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mASF post by "So_Cute"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

I am writing this about 20 minutes after it happened! So this might look all
over the place. It didn’t really require much skills to be honest but I
wouldn’t have done it without asf. So…

This is a follow up on the HB9 “friend” of mine who I was pondering allowing to
move in. See the thread here.,8

Basically my plan was to let her move in then gradually fuck her over time but
I was strongly advised to only let her move in if I had fucked her and not at
all even if I DID fuck her.

So earlier in the day she sms me saying she is one her way. I say it’s cool.
The house is 25 minutes from downtown. I tell her to meet me downtown because
it’s more convenient for both of us. I had mapped out a few topics/routines I
wanted to talk about with her and brought a little cheat sheet, most of which I
DIDN’T use. But they were mainly just interesting stories. Probably of no help
to anybody but I’ll post some of it for memory. (FUNNY: Bad ass little kid,
Getting Pu’d, Bear while Hiking (Travelling). Blowjob in Vegas, Mannequin
makeout. CONNECTION: for a reason, trust pattern, question game, palm read,
SEDUCE: natural woman, trust test, tention test, Cat got laid – Ev Kiss close.
And I had some push pull, negs and teases if required and cf shit down making
fun of her height. (5 3’).

So we meet and I hug her off the bat. I am going to elevate her to a 9.2. She
had a nice belly top on with ample cleavage and some GLITTER on her boobies. I
take this as an IOI. I tell her I’m in the mood for some ice-cream so we get
some and go to a nearby university and sit and chill for about 45 minutes.
During this time we are mainly catching up with each other but I am being very
c/f and teasing her. She’s tells me that I look the same and still have my baby

Me: I don’t think I’ll ever lose that?
Her: *smiling* Well I hope not because I want something good to look at when I
move in.

It’s on.

There is a lot of kino and she is playfully hitting me a lot. I actually go
through a few funny stories on this list and I do the trust test on her while
we are lying on the grass and tell her she failed. I tell her I’ll do it again
later so she will be responsive to my kino from now on. So we get going and
head to the bus. I notice a lot of guys looking at her as she is walking down
the street with me. He belly top is actually more of a bikini than a belly top
if you know what I mean, and she’s wearing really tight jeans.

So anyways, we’re talking about things and people from home and she’s really
funny. I’m starting to like her more than just for her hotness. The bus comes
and we get on. I initiate the question game with her and it starts off sexual,

Me: What’s your favourite part of a man?
Her: His cock! But it has to be big.

I am getting an erection on the bus. Meanwhile I am also making her qualify
herself with some questions like, “can you cook?” “Are you rich?” “Are you a
girl or a woman?”. And I ask her, “Have you ever kissed another girl?” Her
answer… Yeah, who doesn’t kiss girls!

I’m starting to think this is too good to be true.

I ask has she ever had her palm read. She says no and we go through a toecutter
style palmreading on the bus. She loves it. We get to the house and she says
the time flew by. Me c/f tone: Yeah time flys when your in good company doesn’t
it!? She cracks up.

We get inside and sit down in the living room. My polish housemates are dirty
cunts, they have left plates and clothes on the floor. I take her upstair to
show her the room she will be having. She likes it, but complains that the bed
is only a single bed. I show her my room, (double bed) and she notices my
photos. I spend about 20 minutes going though all my photos with her. It was
great. So we sit on the bed and at this moment I hear Dimitry telling me to go
for the pussy no matter what like he did in the thread so I do the trust test
to initiate the kino. I tell her she passes and I move into jlaix’s Cat got
laid-ev kiss close routine. BANG, we are making out on the bed, heavily. I
manouver her underneath the covers and we grind and dry fuck for a bit. I go
for the clothes and they come off with NO LMR. I take mine off and “I wanna
lick it”. I lick it and after about 5 mins she wants the cock. I scramble
around for a condom but she grabs one from the table and gives it to me. She
tells me she saw it as soon as she came in. So anyway, we fuck and cuddle for
about 2 hours and the sex was amazing. 2nd best sex I have ever had.

As we are lying there she asks me where my cat is. I hesitate, lol, but I tell
her it’s probably around with it’s woman. Nice. She also starts talking about
how she’s hurt by her mother telling her she wants her out. I listen for a bit
and tell her that the same thing happened to me and then use callback humour to
change her mood. “But you can still be Santa’s little elf, he won’t want you to
leave!” goes down well. So we watch a DVD for a while (girl next door) and we
kiss and cuddle all the way through. She gives me a BJ and then says she has to
go for work. I take the bus downtown with her and she tells me she can’t wait
to move in. We kiss for about 5 minutes and she goes off. I stare at her ass as
she walks away.

I am 99.9% sure I am letting this HB9.2 move in with me despite the warnings
because I think she is really into me. The only problem is, she seems like a
total slut. She knew what she was doing in bed, at 18! And she is probably only
using me but hey, I am using her too. However, I don’t think she’s using me, I
think she DOES really like me.

I am fucking happy.

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