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Field Report: another mistake to learn from

mASF post by Iron_Rinn

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Field Report: another mistake to learn from
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mASF post by "Iron_Rinn"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Nice pick-up, man. I think you're spot-on.

What sort of negs would you have used on HB8?
I was basically running routines directed toward
her but the fat girl was gravitating toward me like
I was a giant cheeseburger and the HB was moving away
(maybe a result of a combination of disinterest and
trying to help her fat friend land a guy).

Are you saying I should have started busting on the HB
to the fat girl? Things like, "is your friend always
this out of it?" and stuff like that, so the HB feels a
need to get my attention?

Seems like a good idea. The only reason I'd question its
effectiveness is that I got the
impression that the HB did not have very high self esteem.
She was hanging out w/ an UG (probably to boost her own
confidence) and seemed kinda shy
considering the fact that she was definitely the hottest
girl around. Do you think the negs would have still
been effective?

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