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Field Report: Saturday July 16th - My game is at a new level

mASF post by Vancity_Rockstar

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Field Report: Saturday July 16th - My game is at a new level
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mASF post by "Vancity_Rockstar"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

My head hurts. My ears won't stop ringing. I have no voice but I feel better
than I ever have after a night of sarging.

I gave up the F-Close with this girl I've been working on lately to go out and
sarge with the guys. It was the dream team so I couldn't say no: Stefan, Skot
and myself. I couldn't believe I was giving up a fuck with a really hot girl to
go out sarging with the guys but I had the feeling that tonight would be

Today I think I realized how good I am becoming. This sounds terribly
egotistical and lame but these last two days (saturday and monday) I have had
such success that I can FEEL myself becoming a PUA.

Both nights I was able to pick a target from a far. Both times it was one of
the hottest women in club. Both times I had NO approach anxiety, NONE! Both
times I had them laughing right off of the open and both times I had her
touching me/laughing with me and had her qualifying herself to me. Both times I
number closed the hottest
women in the bar!

Furthermore I keep seeing certain guys out that are macho or gangsta that I
used to know from highschool. I can see and hear thses guys mocking me from
afar about my clothes. Who do I see as I walk around with three gorgious women
on my arm? These guys. Who are these guys with? Other guys and thats it...same
thing for the rest of the night. For the first time I feel like I am at a
totally different
level than them.

Sure they may be good looking and alpha which puts them at the top of the
'male' catagory in the social heirchy. But I am now floating above both the
'women' and the 'men' and am up at the top of the social ladder in that 1% of
guys that know the score and really have the power. At any given moment in a
social interaction (especially in a club) I understand what is going on and I
really do get it...

I don't have a success rate that is worth writing home about. I can't get any
girl I see, but I am starting to finally internalize the skill set that will
allow me to do so one day in the future.

Finally this is beginning to feel natural. I feel like this is me and that this
is who I truely want to be.

I'm starting to be congruent with things like negs, cocky and funny stuff and
disqualifiers. Just from practice I have learned so much. The interesting thing
is that the majority of it wasn't learned conciously. Most of it is unconcious.
I just automatically do things now. The more practice I get, the better I
become, the less I make
concious decisions and the more this all becomes natural.

I won't touch on one specific set. I opened probably 15-20 sets tonight and
held them all. Every set was atleast 8.5+ and I didn't get blown out once. Got
3 numbers one a 7.5 (good friend or fuck buddy, she lives 5 blocks from me), a
8.75 and a 9.5!

More importantly though I tried and learned new things (which is something we
should all be doing but aren't).

For example, I opened a 3 set of girls, all gorgious (8, 8.5 and 9). I engaged
all of them through A2 and then in A3 I ignored the hottest one
('ll see why in a second). She would pipe up to try to get
attention and I would bust her for being bratty or neg her. She said 'your not
good with compliments are you?' and I said, "let me finish my story (routine
actually...) with your friends and then I can find something interesting about
you and give you a genuine compliment on it okay?" She looked stunned and said

After my routine I said to her friends 'hey guys...i've been ignoring your
friend here. Mind if I borrow her for a seccond?' They said sure and I pulled
the hottest girl out of a 3-set and isolated her and continued A3 and comfort.

I've only dreamed of pulling such a move up until this point and I didn't just
do it, I did it confidently and with her friend's approval. We went into
comfort and had an awsome convo but I ended up not closing because I couldn't
get around the boyfriend issue. I couldn't care less because I had 3 number
closes at that point and I learned a VALUABLE skill in this set.

Seccondly, I AMOG'd 3 guys at once. I was in a set with this HOT girl (8.5).
She was Persian or something and when I opened her she was by herself. Soon
though I noticed that there were like 5 Persian guys hovering around her. One
turned around to give her a hug and he sort of tried to pull her away. She gave
me the look of 'help me' and I laughed and smiled. She turned right back around
to me (to the guy's dismay....).

So I can see them huddle and talking about what I can assume was me. They turn
around and one of the guys goes 'nice that santa?'. At the same time
one of the other guys goes 'dude I love your shirt...thats funny' and sort of
pinches it and tugs on it. Another guys says 'yeah its cute'. I sort of look at
them for a second, brush their hands away from me with my left arm and at the
same time say "I'm glad that I impress you anyways like i was
saying..." and totally cut them off by sort of backturning to them and
continuing my thread. The girl cracked up and said 'I love this guy' and gave
me some kino and then the guys turned away and walked off.

I ended up not closing the set. I got cockblocked by her friend but I still got
some SUPER ULTRA expearience AMOGing!!!

This night also re-affirmed the importance of voice projection. When I could
project sets went extremely well. When I couldn't the girls got bored and
distracted. It was fun practicing that with you Stefan. I can already feel my
voice being more sharp and resonant.

Stefan, Skot: I fucking love you guys. Hahah sorry Stefan for blowing you out
of that one set. I came up to say hi to Stefan and the girls just quickly
ejected out of nowhere. I was like 'Dude...did I just blow you out?... I didn't
even say anything!" Hahaha We were stumped.

I can't imagine what the future holds for us 6 months down the road... I'm
almost scared to imagine it.

~ Rockstar

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