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Why I like Direct. Thoughts so far

mASF post by lost_and_found

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Why I like Direct. Thoughts so far
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mASF post by "lost_and_found"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Hi Jimbo,

I have been reading Toecutter archive just yesterday on the part where the
discussion on pAImAI. As you might remember he has quite the opposite view
regarding pAImAI. Been a completely into indirect he believes that it is easier
to open conversation the cooler the set. And having this preliminary dance is
just going to make you feel there is more 'investment' in the approach and make
you hesitate. I really don't feel that way and if there is IOI and AI I'm
beginning to find going direct the way to go, and I have not much trouble to do

The problem is that I don't have that much IOI and AI all that often, some
nights I have, like when I go to a club and I'm just dancing on my own ignoring
everything else. But other I don't. Last night I went out with Wulfen's wing,
hes a cool guy and I like talking to him, but he doesn't drink a sip and I
never feel really euphoric when sarging with him, I really don't know what the
reason is, but we pull back each other or something. We'll been good looking as
he is and socially calibrated, set where more or less easily open that night,
if we managed to push ourselves to go and open. However I was feeling low key,
like I really didn't have anything that was short enough and engaging enough as
to be appropriate, the only thing that felt comfortable where short burst of
fluff, except for a two set, where I was doing C&F and negs and it was quite
fun, but one of the girls was not that nice and we didn't push the interaction
to hook up and the group eventually dissolved. Other times I either sucked and
became quickly quiet, really not feeling talkative at all, or I didn't even
open clear easy set for that same reason, lack of confidence that I was really
not going to do a half-ass approach and then shut up.

Been aware of the loads of very attractive woman around, waiting to be opened,
and I just felt I had no clue of how, so frustrating. The only thing I could
really push myself to do was go in direct and say I like you, and I get the
usual response I get with that in a cold approach (I'm unable to really convey
I am the price in a direct cold approach). I felt that I needed something to
say, I guess I was just not talkative. I wish I was able to open a cold set in
such a low key state. I'm feeling a bit down right now, even though I had a
wonderful night the nigh before with my new FB, Its strange how this things

Hey! I'm sorry for last Thursday. Lets meet for some 'caƱas' soon.

Lost & found.

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