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Interesting Encounter

mASF post by Fohock

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Interesting Encounter
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mASF post by "Fohock"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Yesterday, I was in a bar talking to a pretty high school girl, and she blew me

She basically through all of the tactics that we know and love (c/f, negs, etc)
and threw them back at me - while busting on me constantly and, while she
allowed some of my lesser kino moves, she definitely went out of her way to
bring everybody's attention to them.

I mean... What the heck do you do with that? It's like she read ASF. Right now,
admittedly, my game is still weak enough that if I get seriously thrown then I
just can't adapt. What would you guys have done?

Also, (and I hate to sound like a AFC) but is that an IOI, or is that her
trying to blow me out? I basically had no idea what was on.

It's PU time.

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